94 Team of the Matchday 4 N'Golo Kante FUT 18 Review

Today, we're looking at the 94-rated Festival of FUTBall N'Golo Kante, who was released as part of the Team of the Matchday 4 squad.

Just like Luis Suarez and Romelu Lukaku, I will be comparing Kante to his highest rated special item -- in his case, it's his stunning 95-rated TOTY item.

This puts him in a unique position -- unlike the majority of items who have received TOTMD items, Kante's new item is cheaper than his existing item. Today, we'll be looking at whether you should settle for this item, or if the TOTY is truly in a league of it's own.

First, let's look at the IG stats of both items. Here are the stats on his new item:

And then the stats on his 95-rated TOTY item:

I used both with the anchor chemistry style, giving him the following boosts on his 94-rated item:

And his 95-rated item:

As you can see, the two items are very similar in their pace, defending and physical departments, with significant differences still present between his shooting, passing and dribbling.

So how do these two items compare?


Pace: The TOTY item is faster, despite only have a +1 in the pace department. This is probably due to his better dribbling, but it noticeable in game. That being said, both items are really, really fast, and they have all the pace you could ever want in the middle of the park.

Shooting: It's like night and day -- the TOTY item is far, far, far better than the 94 item. There's just something about the TOTY item that makes him incredible in front of goal, and especially from a distance. And despite the boosted stats, the 94-rated TOTMD item just doesn't have it.

Passing: Once again, I noticed a difference here. It wasn't as big of a difference as the shooting stat, but it was clear that the 95 item has no weaknesses in the passing department, while the 94-rated item can fall short at times.

Dribbling: A big difference here too. The dribbling on the TOTY item is perfection, and he feels incredible on the ball. He honestly glides across the field with ease, and it's so much fun in game. The 94 can do it too, but it's just not the same - he feels a little slower on the turn, and the ball isn't stuck as closely to his feet. That being said, the TOTMD item is still incredible on the ball.

Defending: Zero difference. Both are probably the best (non-Icon) defensive midfielders in the game, and they can clean up like no one else. Absolutely fanastic.

Physicality: Once again, no difference here. Both items are phenomenal in-game -- the strength, aggression and stamina makes him truly unstoppable.


There's a big difference between the TOTMD and the TOTY items, even if there is only a +1 difference in their ratings.

The TOTY item is the complete player on this game -- perfect in all categories, and someone who can do everything on the pitch, all game long. The 94 is still unbelievable in game, but he's definitely better suited to defensive duties than going forward -- defensively, he's one of the best around, but he's a little lacking creatively and offensively.

If you have the coins, go for the TOTY item -- it's definitely the better item. If you're looking for the perfect box-to-box mid, that's the item for you. But if you're only interested in a defensive minded player, the 94 can do the job too.

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