FUT Swap Deals: Everything we know about the SBCs, Objectives, Daily Knockout Tournaments

If you wanted a fresh, new approach to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Live Content, this might just be it.

But does it go far enough and will it keep you fully engaged for the full 23 (that's right, 23) day duration of the program?

Late Tuesday/early Wednesday, EA announced FUT Swap Deals, a new SBC-powered Ultimate Team promotion in the same spirit as FUT Birthday's Weekly Objectives and Squad Building Challenges. Basically through Objectives (likely Weekly, though Daily remain in the realm of possibilities), SBCs, and by winning Daily Knockout Tournaments, you'll be able to earn a maximum of 12 tokens over the next three weeks. You can then go ahead and permanently exchange those player items in SBCs for players rated as high as 91-overall (for 11 tokens) or as low as 84 (and requiring just two).

The list of players (all untradeable) includes a couple players of note with some of the items appearing to pay lip service to previous in-forms/special items for those players. The others are all the kind of ratings you could envision those respective players receiving had they gotten another IF or two, or in 88 Carlos Tevez's case, received an End of an Era or Throwback SBC type item.

That said, the FUT Swap Deals roster isn't exactly overwhelming. For many hardcore players, it's tough to imagine the majority of these players even being able to crack their side at this point in the game. The far more casual (or perhaps new) players may welcome the chance to have a new reason to play the game for the next couple of weeks to bring a high-80/low-90 rated player in the likes of a 91 Luka Modric or 91 Alexis Sanchez to their teams though.

Just to make sure you've got everything, here's a brief primer hitting the high-level points one more time on what to expect from FUT Swap Deals.

What is FUT Swap Deals?

FUT Swap Deals is a new program similar to FUT Birthday that will allow you to unlock untradeable players from Objectives (whether Weekly or Daily is not yet known), Squad Building Challenges, and by winning Daily Knockout Tournaments. You can then use as few as two and as many as eleven of those players (out of a maximum obtainable twelve) to trade them for higher-rated untradeable items through SBCs.

How do I earn FUT Swap Deals tokens?

By completing Objectives (yet to be announced), SBCs, and winning select Daily Knockout Tournaments (e.g. the ones you can win up to two times weekly to qualify for the Weekend League).

When does everything take place?

That's less certain. The first opportunity (A Daily Knockout Tournament) starts at 3 a.m. ET (9 a.m. UK) on 4 April and runs until 6 April at the same time. Untradeable Alvaro Negredo is the first unlockable FUT Swap Deals player item; it shares the same ratings as his base item. You can either use him in one of the FUT Swap Deal SBCs, or keep him if you're a collector of sorts.

How many FUT Swap Deals items can I get/how many SBCs can I do?

You can earn a maximum of 12. How many SBCs you're able to do depends on which players you desire to unlock.

How many tokens do the FUT Swap Deals player cost?

-- 84 ST Keita Balde Diao: 2

-- 84 CDM Jordan Henderson: 2

-- 81 LB Wendell: 2

-- 87 CM Koke: 4

-- 86 CAM Dimitri Payet: 4

-- 86 CAM Santi Cazorla: 4

-- 90 ST Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 7

-- 88 CF Lorenzo Insigne: 7

-- 85 RW Timo Werner: 7

-- 91 CM Luka Modric: 11

-- 88 ST Carlos Tevez: 11

-- 91 ST Alexis Sanchez: 11

You can also trade tokens of the following denominations for the following types of packs (all tradeable):

-- Premium Gold Pack: 1

-- Rare Gold Pack: 3

-- Prime Gold Players Pack: 5

-- Ultimate Pack: 10

So it's like FUT Birthday in that you can't get all the highest rated items?

Correct. You'll have to make a choice if you're interested in both 91 Modric and 91 Alexis, for example.

So is this promo a good thing?

To be determined. The biggest constructive criticism early seems to be that there's a grind ceiling set such that no matter how much above and beyond you're willing or able to go, you're still capped at acquiring just one of the higher rated reward players. It remains to be seen whether or not EA would consider changing course and introducing more opportunities to earn tokens so more of the player items can be unlocked or not.

Anything else of note?

Purely speculation on our part, but with the promo ending 27 April, that could mark the beginning of Team of the Season with it being a World Cup year and all.

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