91 Edwin van der Sar, Prime Icon Shevchenko latest Throwback Thursday SBCs

While not exactly sexy -- okay, okay; admittedly pretty far from it -- a second straight Throwback Thursday means more Prime Icons (and their accompanying Untradeable and Loan Squad Buildling Challenges).

These two aren't many most were asking for, but rest assured, a few out there will find 91 Andriy Shevchenko and 91 Edwin van der Sar to their likings. Shevchenko was the first Icon (then Legend) I personally ever packed in a FIFA, and while limited by his speed back then, looks kind of okay if not borderline good with 88 PAC as a 91-overall, no?

And while some are probably set with the likes of a Special David De Gea or holding out for hopes for a Manuel Neuer special item around World Cup time, a number of pros at this past month's Barcelona FUT Champions Winter Cup swore by the 89 van der Sar as their goalkeeper of choice. Just imagine the 91.

As per usual, the Shevchenko untradeable Prime Icon SBC is available now for the remainder of the game, while a 20-match loan version is available for a limited time (just the next week). The same is true for van der Sar, as you can check out his Prime Icon SBC and loan one as well. Both Prime Icons are also packable (in a tradeable item form) for the remainder of FUT 18.

Which Prime Icons would you like to see next?

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