New FUT Champions Rewards

After a raft of feedback regarding FUT Champions rewards from the community over the last few months, EA SPORTS have today revealed an all new reward distribution model which see's a tiered approach applied to the way those all important packs are dished out.

The below infographic shows you pretty much everything you need to know but as you can see, the new model will see greater rewards for each and every FUT Champs tier, rather than the previous appraoch which saw packs grouped across multiple tiers. This means, if you can scrape your way up just one more reward bracket, you'll get more for it (deservedly so).

This should mean there's greater incentive to keep playing FUT Champions even if you have a rough start because you can still acheive something greater even if you find yourself stuck in Silver.

This new model starts on April 13th for the March rewards.


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