PSG (for now)'s Serge Aurier wins final FIFA 17 FUTTIES Winner vote

Chomping at the bit for a pink-and-gold Ligue 1 right back? Prepare to get hyped.

Though many of us are busy with either the FIFA 18 beta (or complaining about not having it), the final FUTTIES Winner was unveiled in-game on Friday. In a bit of a twist, the winner was not Liverpool's Nathaniel Clyne. PSG's Serge Aurier could've become the ninth of ten Premier League FUTTIES champions, had rumored moves to Manchester United or Chelsea ever panned out. Instead, we'll have to settle for a final tally of eight, with Aurier and AS Roma's Alessandro Florenzi the lone exceptions to the rule.

That leads us to some closing thoughts on the FUTTIES promo as a whole -- Did it work for you? I'll admit personally going into the promotion, the idea of voting via Squad Building Challenges was awesome. It's tough to say whether the ability to vote for multiple players had any neglible impact on the resulting winners -- or the idea that the higher rated items would automatically be more desirable as they'd hypothetically reduce the cost to complete the SBCs as a whole.

EA have the data, and we may not know until next summer what their biggest takeaways were. I certainly commend them on breaking the tediousness of the previous promotions. The only question is whether the lack of diversity of winners proves they didn't quite go far enough.

You can see all that's necessary to complete the FUTTIES Winner Serge Aurier here.

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