FUTTIES Winner SBC Gabriel Jesus Player Review: Risen

Today, we'll be looking at the new FUTTIES Winner Jesus.

In a stunning turn of events, we have another Premier League FUTTIES Winner! However, I have no complaints this time -- Jesus's OTW/IF item is absolutely insane, and this one looks even better.

In-game stats

He has some very, very good in-game stats.

The key ones are 93 attack positioning, 87 vision, 88 acceleration, 97 agility, 93 balance, 86 jumping, 90 reactions, 91 sprint speed, 99 stamina, 65 strength, 88 ball control, 92 dribbling, 90 finishing, 87 heading accuracy, 76 long shots, 87 short pass and 83 shot power. He also has a four-star weak foot, and five-star skills.

I used him with a Hawk chemistry style, just to boost his pace into the high 90s, his shooting into the low 90s, his physical into the low 80s (and most importantly, his strength to 70 and aggression to 62).

This chemistry style boosts him to a 91-rated ST, 92-rated CF and a 90-rated CAM.


I used Jesus in the following squad: http://www.futhead.com/17/squads/7620713/

In-game, I switch to the 41212(2), with Jesus and Hazard up to, and Dembele in behind, and a midfield of Gerrard on the right, Luiz on the left, and Petit at CDM.


Here are my stats with Gabriel Jesus:

Price: Cost me around ~15K + Untradeables.

Games: 6 (3 rage quits)

Goals: 10

Assists: 2

Chemistry Style: Hawk

As you can see, he tore it up for me.

Let's get into the review.


Pace: 10/10

Electrifying. He actually feels faster than the 90 pace this item has -- much more like the 97 given to him by the Hawk chemistry style. He's gone in a flash. I had absolutely no issues with this, and he could outpace his opponents with ease.

Shooting: 10/10

This man can create something from almost nothing -- it's like he turns water into the finest wine. Gabriel Jesus can take a seemingly innocuous position, and turn it into a goal scoring opportunity. All he needs is a yard of space, and he can punish his opponents. Outside the box, his long shots were superb. They swerve, dip and power their way into the top corners, and either force a world-class save, cannon off the woodwork or threaten to tear a hole in the net. Inside the box, he may be one of the better finishers I've used. Astoundingly clinical, on either foot, and with any kind of shot. He's a goal-scoring machine.

Passing: 8/10

Very, very good. He didn't get too many assists, but that was mostly down to some unreal goalkeeping. His vision is exceptional, and it makes it very deadly for your opponents. He was able to pick out, and successfully complete, some very difficult passes. His short passing is virtually perfect, with only the occasional mis-placed pass, and his long passing felt far better than his stats would show. I didn't get a chance to test his crossing, so I can't comment on that. He does have abysmal free kick stats, so don't take them with him.

Dribbling: 10/10

Sublime. When you think of the greatest dribblers in the game, you think of the great Brazilians. For them, dribbling is almost sacred -- it makes the game beautiful, and it has made for some of the greatest moments in footballing history.

Gabriel Jesus continues on that tradition. He is perfect on the ball. Effortless gliding along the field, weaving his way through opponents, perfectly stopping and starting and turning with the ball at his feet. Ball control is perfect, dribbling is perfect, agility and balance are perfect, reactions are perfect. His five-star skill moves only make this better. Truly one of the best dribblers I've used this year.

Defending: N/A

He's not that tall, not that strong, and has abysmal defending stats. But, his 99 stamina means he can harrass the opponent's back line all game long. I'm not giving him a rating for this, but keep that in mind.

Physical: 7/10

He definitely feels stronger and more aggressive than his item stats would suggest. Strength feels like it is in the mid- to high-70s, and his aggression feels like it is in the 70s. He holds his own against the weaker players in this game, but he can get bull-dozed by the stronger ones. I'd suggest keeping him out of physical challenges -- use his pace, dribbling and fantastic shooting to get out of tight spots.

I fully expected him to just hang around on crosses. However, his high jumping and heading accuracy made him a potent aerial threat, even against far taller players.

Weak foot: 9/10

Absolutely no issues with his weak foot. At times, it felt like a five-star weak foot, but at times, it was a little on the weak side. However, it shouldn't be an issue.

Skills: 10/10

He's got the skills to pay the bills. He's relatively quick going into and coming out of skill moves (but not as fast as TOTS Dembele, Neymar or Giuliano), and his ball control during the skills is very good. His lack of strength means he can get knocked over while skilling, but it's not a huge issue.


For 50-60K, you can get one of the most enjoyable, and most effective, strikers in this game -- therefore, getting him is a no-brainer. The item far outplays its rating: he's fast, brilliant on the ball, and a magician in front of goal. This is the perfect item to see out FIFA 17.

Rating: 9/10

Value for Coins: 10/10

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