Gold Cup MOTMs feature MLS' Jordan Morris, Andre Blake

It certainly isn't the sexiest of Man of the Match drops, and yet it's Friday night in North America, so we're getting some fresh, hot content whether we want it or not.

If you're a hyper MLS partisan and want a taste of what a potential Andre Blake TOTS may look like, you're getting it. The Jamaican keeper gets an 80, his highest rated in any edition of FIFA Ultimate Team ever. The USA's Jordan Morris, he of the 99-overall "Golden Ticket" item in FIFA Mobile, gets his best console special item to boot. For a thoroughly unimpressive 3-2 win over semi-pros from Martinique, that's not too bad of spoils.

If you're of Mexican or Costa Rican descent, perhaps we can interest you in an Elias Hernandez or Marcos Urena? Maybe? No? Bueller?

These items may not tickle the fancy of anyone but the most hardcore FUT fanatical collectors still going strong, but either way, they're available in packs until next Friday, July 21.

Happy hunting.

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