New FUT 17 Marquee Transfer SBCs include Manchester United Lukaku, Everton Rooney

Even with Tuesdays and Fridays being the big release days for FUTTIES this year, Wednesday showcases a couple additions to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team worth a note.

New Marquee Transfer SBCs, showcasing loan versions of high profile transfers, are now live. If you're chomping at the bit to see how a non-inform version of Lukaku stacks up at Manchester United without dropping 100,000 coins, you're now free to. Wayne Rooney's return to Everton, Pepe's Turkish league move to Besitkas as well as Antonio Rudiger's relocation to Chelsea -- a bit unexpectedly at centerback after being announced by CFC as a rightback -- are all represented as well. You can find those in-game now.

There are some additional less prominent transfers in the game as well. We'll get those added to Futhead as we're able. You'll be able to find them in the latest players section.

Last but not least, speaking of loans, a few SBCs from the past are back -- but only in loanable versions. If you're interested in trying out Player of the Month Ibrahimovic or Futmas De Rossi, you can now do so.

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