FUTTIES Winner SBC Chris Smalling 87 player review: One of the best around

I have a love/hate relationship with Chris Smalling. I love his item, and he is the most capped player in my club, and the most capped player in the history of my FUT Clubs (I have 750+ games with his non-inform item). But I also hate him, because when I see him in my opponent's squad, I know it's going to be tough to score.

On Tuesday evening, EA released the FUTTIES Winner Smalling SBC, and much to our collective delight/dismay, it is pretty cheap. For somewhere between 50-80K, you can pick up an 87-rated "Mike" Smalling.

In-game stats

Not only does the item design look incredible, his stats are now that of a truly elite CB. He now has 80 pace (78 acceleration, 80 sprint speed), 89 defending (with 87+ in every defending stat) and 89 physical (with 93 strength and 89 aggression).

With just these base stats, he's an 86-rated CB. Stick an 'Anchor 'on him, and he's 92-rated. Those item stats look incredible.


I'm using Smalling in my main squad -- that partnership of Maldini and "Smalldini" -- has served me well for 500+ games, and it will be the partnership I use for the rest of FIFA 17.

The squad looks like this in game.

I've used Smalling for six games, and so this review is based on that. In those games, he didn't get any goals or assists, but I kept six clean sheets.


I'll keep this fairly brief -- this is the one of the best CBs in the game. His NIF item was already one of the best CBs in the game, and this one is a significant improvement on him. He feels faster, with way better defensive and physical stats.

Is this an improvement on his 84? Yes. Is the upgrade worth it? Yes. He definitely feels faster in game, and the 1% of attackers that could outrun his 84 item will be stopped by this one. His defending is perfect. Tackling is definitely improved, interceptions are better, and marking seems to be as good as ever. His physicality was one of the main stats that made the 84 item incredible, and it's even better here. In the games I used him, he dominated TOTS Lukaku in one-on-one challenges, he outjumped Koulibaly, and he pushed TOTKS Ibrahimovic around all game long. I didn't feel any difference from his 84 item in terms of dribbling, passing and shooting. He's still a little clunky on the ball, and a little inconsistent with his passing, but his job is to stop attackers -- I suggest pairing him with a ball-playing CB.

What really impressed me is that he was on par with Maldini in-game. I firmly believe Maldini is the best CB in the game -- I've used them all (TOTY Ramos, TOTS Chiellini, TOTS Koulibaly, TOTS David Luiz, and many more) and he's been the best. This Smalling item is up there with him. His pace, defending stats, incredible physicality, height, work rates, and the fact that his base item was already ridiculous, all make this item one of a kind, and one that you must get for you club. He's going to dominate your opponents, as you'll see countless times in the coming Weekend League.


Get this item. For his price, you won't get a better CB. He's one of the best CBs in the game, he's easy to link up, and the item design is incredible. What more do you need?


Rating: 10/10

Value for coins: 10/10

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