FIFA 19 Celebrations Tutorial: How to do the new ones in FUT

Another year, and more slick new celebrations are coming to FIFA 19. It's not all Kickoff Mode and gameplay enhancements; EA have also managed to include more ways to banter back and forth with your opponents online in these oustanding new post-goal celebrations, many we know from the last couple real world football campaigns and big competitions.

For FIFA 19, we get Juventus attacker Cristiano Ronaldo (and once again cover star) with count 'em two new signature moves. Rising star (and 2018 World Cup breakout player for eventual champions France) Kylian Mbappe also joins the act with a celebration you'll be seeing a bunch in FUT and Online Seasons.

Below are all of the new celebrations in FIFA 19, courtesy of Kazooie94. Make sure you subscribe to him on YouTube and then check out the videos below:

Goal Celebrations - Button instructions

Little Brother - Hold L2/LT, double tap Circle/B

Giddy Up - Hold L1/LB, Press R3/R

Phone It In - Hold L1/LB, Hold R Up

Double Siii - Press X/A (Cristiano Ronaldo Signature)

Hang Loose - Hold L1/LB, Hold R Up then Down

Neighbourhood - Hold L2/LT, Flick R Down then Down again

Kiss The Ground - Hold L2/LT, Hold R to the Right

Matador - Hold R2/RT, Hold R Down then Hold R Up

Milly Rock - Press X/A (Jesse Lingard signature)

Number One - Press X/A (Cristiano Ronaldo signature)

(Tip: Performed when the win is secured)

Crocodile - Press X/A (Antoine Griezmann signature)