FIFA 18 Celebrations Tutorial: How to do the new ones in FUT

This year's FIFA doesn't only come with new game modes and other serious business; EA Sports have also managed to add some more variety to the sillier side of things. Of course, we're talking about the post-goal celebrations that have become so famous over the past few years.

In 18, we'll get to see everything from cover star and Real Madrid left-winger Cristiano Ronaldo's dominant 'right here, right now' celebration to Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud's infamous 'scorpion kick' prance, which got the Frenchman into a bit of hot water at the time. There's a lot of new ones this year; some are hilarious, some a bit more cheeky, and some will just be flat-out annoying for opponents.

Following are all the new celebrations in FIFA 18, as seen in Kazooie94's video above:

Goal Celebrations - Button instructions

  • Right Here, Right Now - Hold RB/R1, press B/Circle
  • Griezmann's Hotline Bling/'Cell Phone' Hold LT/L2, press X/Square
  • Kiss the Ring - Hold RT/R2, double tap B/Circle
  • Dybala's 'Mask' - Hold LB/L1, flick Right Stick up twice
  • Stir the Pot - Hold LT/L2, double tap Y/Triangle
  • Giroud's 'Scorpion' - Hold LT/L2, flick Right Stick right and left
  • Lacazette's 'Pipe' - Hold LT/L2, flick Right Stick up and down
  • Workout - Hold LT/L2, double tap X/Square
  • Mannequin - Hold LT/L2, hold Right Stick up
  • Walk Like Me - Hold LB/L1, flick Right Stick left and right
  • Lewandowski's 'X' - Hold LB/L1, flick Right Stick down twice
  • Matuidi's 'Waddle' - Hold LB/L1, spin Right Stick clockwise
  • Hypnosis - Hold LT/L2, press Y/Triangle
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