FIFA 18 Celebrations List: How to dab, dead fish and more

If you play enough FIFA, you're going to stumble into some pretty awesome celebrations while dunking on your insufferable roomate or even that annoying guy who forgot to mute his Kinect or PlayStation Camera while playing online. Even if you didn''t know what exactly you were doing, mashing button and joystick combinations can result in some pretty amusing post-goal happenings.

Now imagine if you could harness the power to get under their skin on command.

Memorizing a couple celebrations will help you keep after-scoring cut scenes fresh while also destigmatizing the ones that bother you the most. Hate being dabbed on? Become the dabber. Offended by the Gomis crawling celebration? Get your lion on.

The good news too is most of them are fairly trivial and easily rememberable button/joystick patterns. But if you suck at getting superfluous trivia to stick in your memory, you're always welcome to bookmark this and crib as need be. We won't judge.

FIFA 18 brings a number of cool new celebrations including Griezmann's "Hotline Bling" now being done in unison with a teammate, a Lil B worthy "cooking dance", and of course, an enhanced version of coverstar Cristiano Ronaldo's "SIIIIIIIIIIIUUUUUUUUUU" signature go-to move.

Here, for your persual, are all the celebrations in FIFA and how to pull them off on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

PlayStation 4

Running Moves (PS4)

Finishing Moves (PS4)

Pro Unlockables (PS4)

EAS FC Unlockables (PS4)

Xbox One

Running Moves (XB1)

Finishing Moves (XB1)

Pro Unlockables (XB1)

EAS FC Unlockables (XB1)

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