First of all i am playing fifa for entertainment

I've played all fifas aimed to have as much possesion and quick passes as i can.And all fifas i've used players that i liked irl. cuz if i love players his really shines for me.

i put artist chem style on my man Julian Draxler and since then he had never lost ballm i dunno i also have KDB(untradable) in my squad and he is not as good on ball as Julian.

now lets talk about his stats PACE - ohh i dont care about this shiitY stat, i've never run whit this German sweatheart.All i can say is that he is always in time on counters especially if your winger will do SKILlZ to win a iiitle time

SHO - He might have some problems with 1x1 situations in box,but if u strike from 20-23 meters(Metric system KAPPA) he is scoring all shots

PAS-ohhh.... he is like son of pirlo xavi and iniesta.He will do all what u want i promise you


DEF - KaPpa

PHY - i acctually dont feel that he is so weak(by stats) Maybe due to his height(HEADRES KING)

overall like all previuos fifas his my hidden gem if u tired of running stupid counters with 90+pace strikers give a try to this mate u'll like it and sOrry fOr ENGLISH ama just russian man who has no practise in using foreign language

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