CHEM STYLE: Hunter/Engine for balance and aggility but mostly hunter

REVIEW PimmelKruse is legendary. Underrated card that bangs in the goals, do not sleep on him. 30 games played, 47 goals and hes scored in every single one of them from div 3/gold 2 (yes, I did not play last week. Only used him during Bundes TOTS, and yes, completely missed LaLiga TOTS.) His skills and weak foot are very appealing, making skill runs super easy paired with his 85 agility and 90+ pace with hunter

PACE: 7/10 The only con of this card. He does look like he has pace with a huntter but does appear slow in game. However, flick the right stick and he's good, gold and gone.

SHOOTING: 10/10 Best thing about the card. Just does not miss. Need I say more?

PASSING: 8/10 At CAM his passing will be very useful, however I use him at Striker and Kai Havertz at CAM. His passing is great for hold up play though when Werner makes a run past him.

DRIBBLING: 8.5/10 When I used engine his agility and balance were greeat so it was no big deal. With hunter it isnt really a problem but he isnt Butragueno-like in the agility department. His balance is really good,

DEFENDING: 7/10 Yes, you saw right. 7/10 in the defensive stat. Whys this? Well, if you put a shadow onn him he turns into a god send CM. It's like putting TOTY De Bruyne at CM.

PHYSICAL: 9/10 One of his best stats. Does get challenged a bit by god-tier CBs (I'm talking VVD special cards, Bobby Moore PIM and TOTY Ramos level) but does well against all other defenders. His stamina ensures him to run the whole game without getting tired.

OVERALL RATING: 9.2/10 For that price tag, the 9.2 sounds fair for a player as high as his calibre. People will always judge him on his pace without trying him, and only judge him on pace. But delve into his stats and youll see 99 pens, 99 composure, 99 ball control, 98 reactions, sick passing stats (would be at least 98 if werent for free kicks)

100% advice him if you have a bundesliga or German side.

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