For all those who can do this in 2 games, God bless you. It took me 6 games to complete this. I was scoring on average 4 goals a game, but not all of them were assisted and for some reason, I swear, when I checked the game stats I'd see 4 assists (I played all La Liga players) but only 3 would go through to the objective. This happened twice so I'm pretty sure there is some type of disconnect there... anyway.

Stuani should be a great addition to your team unless you only play using the smaller, nimble players. He is a bigger guy and is farily mobile for a target player, but it'd be tough to use him as a "dribbler".

I played 8 games with him all in Rivals (D4) and scored 7, assisted 2. He's my go to guy on corners. I used Engine to further boost his pace and dribbling primarily.

Here we go with STATS:

PACE - 80 is right. He feels a little slower than Flashback Ibra and can get through on goal with a perfectly timed pass, but his pace is definitely more of a weakness than a strength. 6/10

SHOT - His shooting is very good. The only weakness is the 3 * WF. Other than that his shooting is impressive. I've scored all sorts of goals with him including a really sweet volley and felt comfortable pressing the shoot button even when his positioning wasn't the greatest. 9/10

PASS - You can pass with confidence with this card. He has decent defensive stats so someone might be tempted to use him as a CM, but I wouldn't give his passing that much credit. It's very good for a striker and "only" solid for a CM. 7/10

DRIBBLE - Similar to his pace his dribbling is just a tad less effective than Ibra's. I think agility is what holds him back from having a bit more of that shiftiness that gives players trouble when defending. Otherwise, his control and fluidity are there. 8/10

DEFENSE - very good for ST (I'll skip the details) 8/10

PHYSICAL - He is a complete package in this department. He is pretty tall, strong, agressive with stamina and top notch jumping. He'll score from headers, run all game and shield the ball with the best of them. He'll get bullied ocassinally but only by the "big" boys and only when he doesn't have the upper hand in the initial positioning 10/10

I think this card is totally worth getting. My primary purpose for doing the objective was to use him in getting Gaya, and I'm 2 games away. The 4 I won when I was able to assist using a La Liga defender were pretty much all his doing. This is a very good and fun card to use. I wouldn't think twice about completing the objective unless you think it'll take you more than 8.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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