King Kai - where can I start with this card

I was lucky enough to get him in my guaranteed bundesliga TOTS SBC pack (dont hate me) and can happily say that was the best SBC I have ever done

Movement - 10/10 He's lightning quick for starters - the 93 pace doesn't lie. Makes great runs linking up with my Ones to Watch Richarlison. Routinely outruns centre-backs to through balls and doesn't always get caught when he's 1 on 1 like most other CAMs ive used this year. He also likes to drop deeper to start an attacking move when I play out of the back which suits my playstyle - even with stay forward instructions on him - but this may be a flaw for some.

Shooting - 9/10 Lethal finisher if you manage to work space inside the box may as well give the other team kick off. The only problem I have with his shooting is he sometimes puts green timed finese shots wide - may be due to his 82 curve which is suprisingly low for a player this good - however power shots, low drivens, 1 on 1s he is clinical and will score most if not all of the time. Has 32 goals in 14 games for me in Div 2 and Weekend League. Baller

Passing - 10/10 His through balls, short passing and long passing all insane. Only has 6 assists in 14 games but that's because he's usually the one scoring. Drops deep and starts moves. He's perfect for quick 1-2 link up play or long balls to wingers. 5 star weak foot means his passes are quality regardless of what direction

Heading - 10/10 Probably his biggest pro. Put it in his area and its a goal. Stands on the front post for corners too. Has a similar effect to CR7 in that he very rarely loses an aerial battle. Useful for goal kicks too

Defending - 6/10 Obviously not a great tackler but is better than I expected. His low agression and tackling stats mean he definitley isn't a box-to-box player but his height and strength mean that players cannot walk past him and he can compete physically to win the ball back. Wins defensive headers too

Dribbling - 10/10 He's 6'2 with crazy strength agility and balance for someone with that size. Can skip past defenders with ease and has the strength to hold them off. His 4 star skills means he can do the effective moves like the heel-to-heel, scoop turn and lacroceta. First touch is incredible, often driven pass into him from defence or CDMs and the ball sticks to his feet. 97 dribbling does not lie

Conclusion - I was very lucky to get this card and believe the hype. There are better ways to spend 2.4 mill if you have it given the state of the market and how many crazy good TOTS are being released pretty much every day. But if you buy him you will not regret it. I force him the ball at times because he's by far my best card and he bails me out more often than not. Absolute baller

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