Oh. my. goodness gracious me. What a player.

PACE - 54 What a lie. He is very fast on the game & and he can run past anyone. Even Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. He be more sweaty than Greg Paul in a Wiggles concert.

SHOOTING - 64 No no no no no no no. This guy is the best shooter on the game. He can hit them from 50 yards away

PASSING - 69 He can pass to anyone. His lobbed through balls are like garlic mayo. P E R F E C T I O N.

DRIBBLING - 68 He is better than Ronaldinho. He is, simply put, the B E S T.

DEFENDING - 67 Trump needs to call this guy, cause he a WALL. No one can get past him.

PHYSICAL - 73 He is literally a superhero. Stronger than Superman.

All in all, I played 420 games with this guy. He scored a W H O P P I N G 424 goals and put in 395 assists too.

I used basic as well.

Remember lads, buy him and you will see how much better your team will be. Just ask my boi Vizeh on YouTube. He wasn't lying when he said he was the best player on the game. Cheers lads, and have a great day. :-)

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