I was having issues with having a good striker, i wanted a god tier one, so after a lot of tries in the ST position i have finally decided to do an ICON. I looked at Bergkamp and i thought that he is the perfect fit for my team, since he can be played as a ST and a CAM, saving me a substitution in case my midfield/atack is too weak against the other team. I havely reccomand him if you are looking to do a good ICON, and with another baby ICON FUT SWAP, it should be hard to get this guy. Chemestry style: hawk (probably the best chem style for him) Pace 8.5/10: feels fast enough, not more to be said here Dribbling 9.5/10: amazing, composure reactions are up to the max, really good on poor gameplay when you need him to make a good first touch, or score that one on one. And he performs skills very easly, even though he doesnt have the best agility, he still can manage to get past defenders with ease Shooting 10/10: just no words here, i am just going to give it to him and get to the next stat Deffending 3/10: not good heading unfortunately, can head it in but dont expect much from him every header Passing 9.5/10: just how much passing a players needs to feel perfect, would have liked a bit more long passing but it rarely feels IG Physical 8.5/10: good jumping, does win a lot of headers when the opponent doesnt have VVD, enough stamina, never felt to get him off the pitch, enough strength and aggression with the chem style and that makes him a pretty dangerous ST being strong and skillfull. I am so happy that i did him, clinical, strong, playmaker, target man, all in one perfect player, i strongly reccomand him cause he already got me in div 2 when before i was struggling in div 3, maybe he will get me in div 1 before TOTS, i dont have high hopes but i wont be surprised!

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