There are several ways to describe David Alaba, both in-game and in real life. Some say he is good but doesn't make the most of his superior talent. Others argue he has already reached his maximum potential and is just not as good as many think he is. However, in my opinion, there is one thing not to be discussed: he performs well on a top level and in an outstandingly consistent manner. In this review, I want to show you that Alaba is one of the most solid players in the game while being able to do anything and at times even showing glances of brilliance. I have put SHADOW on his card which increases pace and defending and is decisive for his stability at the back. Having tried him with ANCHOR, it really makes a difference.

Starting off with his 82 PACe, I can just say that it sounds way worse than it is. Of course, offensively he won't rush past an evenly fast full-back after a through ball as Jérôme Roussillon or Nico Schulz might do, but tracking back he brings everything you can ask for, at the very most standing the pace to at least making a crucial tackle if not intercepting the ball directly or gaining possession by keeping up a few metres and then shielding the ball. However, your opponent will definitely have to try hard to overrun David Alaba.

73 SHOoting has not really been part of my way using Alaba, but still, how could it be otherwise, it is not an attribute he is bad at. Though standing back at corners to catch up with the countering opposing players, he has scored quite a few goals following up to these, some of them even being from far out. Judging by his stats, he seems to be good at free kicks; as I have an even better taker in my team already, I did not make use of that. Generally spoken, if he happens to get the ball near to the goal, dare to shoot and he won't disappoint you.

This is where he differentiates from the standard full-back not only in the Bundesliga but also in the other top leagues: 80 PASsing. It is not important where you want the ball to go to or how you want to bring it there, he will live up to it. Many underestimate the necessity of decent passing attributes for a left-back because they don't play him to help out the attack but to defend properly; the truth is, though, that there is no better opportunity to get forward quickly after a prevented attack than to play an incisive pass on the ground inch-perfectly down the wing. And let's not forget about the common advantages of good passing for combination play. Thus, Alaba has assisted many goals directly or indirectly and making a difference in this stat, he truly is a nondescript weapon in your attacking play.

His 80 DRIbbling might be the least important stat on this player which, again, does not mean he cannot do it sufficiently well. He is as agile as you would expect a player of his height, pace and position on the field to be, he knows how to carry the ball and does not make it too easy for the opponent to intervene. The only ability that should be underlined is his very useful ball control which makes him quite a good recipient for long balls switching the sides. Let him dribble and he does the job, but he is probably not as good as your winger.

Here, the chemistry style is more important than anywhere else and maybe it is also the reason that many tend to use other left-backs instead of him, but trust me, his defending will be remarkably better. Naturally, 81 DEFending is still ok, though if you boost this stat, it just makes him really good at the back. In one on ones, he outshines with both positioning and determined standing tackles, which is especially useful for defending someone out on the wing. You also should not back off from performing slide tackles, even against players with high dribbling stats he mostly gets the ball and nips potentially dangerous attacks in the bud. Believe it or not, he can be relied on in defence.

Admittedly, 75 PHYsicality does not appear to be as satisfying as the others, but once again, you should not be mistaken. His stamina is more than you can expect, I have never seen him exhausted approaching the end of a match, as most players on this position do. Another thing that I was genuinely surprised by was his aerial ability. Most of the time against wingers with high jumping stats and also quite frequently against strong strikers, he manages to get his head to the ball and, due to his neat heading, directs it well to a teammate. His strength feels a lot more in-game, he does like to outmuscle players on the sideline as I said in 'pace' and at least pesters strikers rushing forward to influence their shot and pass accuracy. This stat is significant for his persistence.

Apart from the six stats, David Alaba shows an unexpected attribute for a left-back. His four-star weak foot actually feels like a five-star one, which is incredibly beneficial for his passing. Plus, even though his work rates are High/Medium, he always was at the back when needed, even without the setting "stays behind" on. Regarding his skills, at least I have no problem with its three-star rating because I normally do not start skilling at the back. However, when he performs them, his agility helps him out well and he will get past the opponent.

David Alaba does not have any weaknesses. He is not as fast as Mbappé, cannot dribble like Messi and cannot defend like van Dijk. What he can do is anything, every time, not to ultimate perfection, but to satisfaction. And it is just not justified to ask for anything more than this for your full-back. Please try him out for at least five games after having played with any other left-back from the Bundesliga and I can guarantee you, he will definitely not make you want to switch back. For now, this is the Bundesliga's best left-back and one of the steadiest players I have ever experienced.

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