so i wanted a god-tier CAM, but because i'm impatient so couldn't wait for TOTS, so i wasted 70k + untradeables on him and hes kinda good i would say

Chem Style - Engine Position - CAM in 4-2-3-1

PAC - 7/10 (87 with engine) its okay. nothing special.

SHO - 10/10 can shoot from anywhere. he's such a beast in this aspect. scored 4 goals with him outside the box out of the 5 he scored in 10 games.

PAS - (98 with engine) 8.5/10 for me, he wasn't really insane in this aspect, he made some beautiful passes but nothing super-insane

DRI - (98 with engine) 10/10 probably his best stat. made some insane dribbles, and i think someone glued the ball to his feet. such an insane dribbler.

DEF - 3/10 doesn't really matter, and please don't try to take headers with him. please.

PHY - 4/10 biggest downside to this card. loses a lot of physical battles, almost never wins any, but i guess his dribbling covers a lot of that up his stamina is really good tho, i mean he has 99 stamina so i wouldn't expect less

Overall: 9/10 for me. wouldn't recommend doing because TOTS is near, but if you want a beast CAM now he is the player for you

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