I did this guy for 25k and got back from the packs 20k, so an 87 fated card + 20k isnt bad, and let me tell you, this card is amazing. He is 37k right now and yes, he can get a TOTS, but you need only 2 83 rated squads and u get 2 pretty good packs that you will 100% make at least half the price back, so if you dont like him, a cheaper 87 rated card for SBC, but you wont want to do that, because he is amazing. Chemestry style: finisher (hawk could be better, maybe marksman, but for now finisher works really well for me) Pace 7.5/10: this is not why u get him, but he doesnt feel that slow, he can make a run and because of this u will use a lot of hold u play, plus this guy dictates the play, so his pace isnt so important Dribbling 9.5/10: amazing dribbling, 4*skills, amazing composure and reactions and good enough stats, would have liked better agility so maybe marksman is the way to go, but the rest is perfect Shooting 10/10: OMG, his left foot is a cannon, he can power shot it from anywhere, his finesse is good as well, and it took me 5 games to see he is left footed, when i thought he is right footed, he already scored 4 goals before that 2 of them being rage quits, so pleased with hsi shot, amazing stat Deffending 4/10: not happy about his heading but you cant do anithing, did not scored a header with him but he can head the ball Passing 10/10: i do not think i have played with a player that dictates the play like this guy, never misses a pass always in the right place for a pass, long pass short pass doesnt matter, this guy is Kroos level on passing no lie about it Physical 7.5/10: his stamina is not the biggest of problems but he cant play 120 mins, hardly 90 mins, his jumping with a chem style is not bad, neither his strength, but unfortunately he does not poses that bulldog aggression, it doesnt feel at all IG, but the rest is ok, taking in consideration that he isnt really small. Overall, you need or want this card, get it, it is an 87 for less than 30k. An 87 rated player goes for 27k, so you need to make back just 10k, which you make in the worst pack, so i suggest this card to everyone, if you want to be prepared for TOTS or not doesnt matter, it is still amazing value.

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