Hello guys, I don't usually do reviews, but I feel I had to write one on this God among men.

Platform: PC, keyboard. Chemistry Style - Sniper. Price - 1m (+ SIF VVD, Hazard, 92 Zlatan, IF Salah and a lot of other players I don't give a shit about. Instructions: Stay Forward Record: Recorded 202 goals in 250 games, but I've rage quit like 70-80 times since I have him so it doesn't matter. He often scores more than 2-3 goals in game.

Pace: (8/10) - Feels about right. He's 6'4 and he doesn't feel that fast, but for a CAM it's more than enough. He'll get the job done.

Shooting: (Infinite/10) - 95 shooting? It's the biggest lie ever! This guy would finish everything even if your opponent has 10 Courtoisses in goal. First time shots (no finesses/timed finishing bullshit applied). Just press the shoot button and it goes in. Combine that with his 5 WF and you don't need more.

Passing: (10/10) - What can I say? Insane passing. This guy could pass with a blindfold on his eyes. Short passes, long passes, does it really matter? It will find whoever you want him to find. It's a joke.

Dribbling: (Idc/10) - I'm on Keyboard, I don't dribble much, but it seems good enough. Only do basic stuff and it works. It will surely work for ya if you have a joystick.

Defending (7.5/10) - I found his defending to be quite decent. Sometimes he makes some nice tackles to prevent my opponent from making an attack. Not much more though.

Physical: (10/10) - This guy is 6'4 with 85 physical. Do I even have to say more? Stamina - phenomenal. Strength - phenomenal. Agression - great. You won't find an issue with his physical.

Pros - Shooting, Passing, Pace, Dribbling, Physical, Corners Cons - What cons? Didn't notice any.

In conclusion I'd say that completing him was the best decision I've ever made in my FIFA career. He's so much fun to use and for me is the best player in the game and I've tried pretty much every nice card. Using him is the definition of cheating. I'm buying FIFA 20 just for the sake of playing with him again, otherwise I wouldn't buy it.

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