Hi everyone, welcome to my 89 UEL Mata review. This review will breakdown every card stat of his and i'll give a review of each one, then conclude it all together at the end. In short, this guy is great. He feels rapid (Hunter chem style), powerful and accurate shot, unreal dribbling, and surprising physicality! 51 Games (Div 3/4): 38 goals and 29 assists at Striker.

Pace: 85 (95 with Hunter): Fantastic, speeds away from most defenders with relative ease. Also helps with dribbling and defending. 10/10

Dribbling 89: Feels like a mini messi despite not having the best dribbling stat (85). Gets out of awkward situations with ease, sometimes may take a bad touch but this is rare 9.5/10

Shooting: 85 (90 with Hunter): This guy has a rocket of a shot for a pocket sized man, long or close distance. Incredible. Only downside is his 3 weakfoot so don't expect long range goals, but you can expect decent finishing with both feet close to the box. 9/10

Defence 45: Actually very good at defending from the front with his surprisingly good strength which will be subsuquently mentioned. 4/10

Passing 90: Perfect passes, hence why he has many assists, great team-player. Plays inch perfect passes with perfect power. 10/10

Physicality 62: I really wasn't expecting much from this card in terms of physicality other than decent stamina. However, with his 86 jumping, he occassionally scores headers for me against defenders who you'd expect to win the ball. Also wow, his strength. Although its only 45, I just played a game where he out-muscled 91 Van Dijk, then blazed his way past him with pace and buried it, top-bins. 7/10.

Weaknesses: His weakfoot can be an issue sometimes but his dribbling is good enough to quickly shift it onto his left. Height and strength are obvious issues but as said, they're surprisingly decent. I can't remember how much I did this SBC for, but it was definitely worth it.

Overall rating: 9/10.

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