He's as good as this card suggests. I used him in 5 games in Div. 4 in Division Rivals as sub OFC from 60th minute and he really surprised me. He was that good that he replaced my SIF Lozano as super-sub. He's lightning fast and his high balance and agility make him even faster than the card suggests. He's also decent in front of goal and I had no problems with finishing with him. There are just 2 cons about him; first one is that he's practically unlinkable unless you have Icon Hagi and the second con is that he's midget, he's really short so he won't win and score any header. BUT FOR THIS PRICE THIS IS A MUST BUY!!! HE COSTS JUST 18K IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING IN THE CLUB AND THERE ARE NO PLAYERS OF HIS CALIBER FOR THIS PRICE ON THE MARKET!!!

Pace 10/10 extraordnary. He can outrun every single defender. He's also very agile and had good balance so he will feel even faster and he won't fall easily under the tackles Shooting 9/10 very good. His positioning is amazing- he's always on the right place in the right time and best of all is his really good finishing (much better than RTTF Costa and RTTF Cuadrado). Only thing I don't really like is his shoot power that could be a little bit higher, but hey, this is already phenomenal for card of this price. Passing 9/10 Well he isn't Pirlo, obviously, but his passing is more than enough for a winger. His freekicks are awful, but you certainly have someone else as FK master in your club. His crossing is amyzing, especially in corners, but he lacks a little bit of more curve, but it's ok. Dribbling 10/10 99 agility, 96 balance and 87 composure make him as a perfect dribbler + he has 4 stars SM which is more than enough for winger. DefendingN/A Really not important for him. Phyisical 7/10 Surprisingly good for a midget. He has enough stamina for all 120 minutes and he's really strong for someone who's 5'5. Jumping is pretty irrelevant for him because he's really useless in the air as he can't outjump anybody.

OVERALL 8/10 After all this is firstly the super-sub player, not someone for first XI at this stage of the game. He's real game changer, but when he comes off the bench and then his explosiveness in the last minutes is the most effective. There are better wingers in the game, obviuosly, but for this price this is a must-get. You will really regret if you don't do this SBC. VALUTE FOR MONEY 10/10

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