So some guy posted another review bashing the card and considering he put 4/10 passing, 1/10 dribbling, and 0/10 shooting on a PIM, and said in the comments he didnt want to waste 400 coins on a chem styke for him (ikr he shat on him using base chem smh) so he clearly does not know how to play fifa or anything about the game.

Now I actually used his loan, and because of how he played (and him beeing one of my fav Serie A Legends of all time) I did his sbc when it came out for around 750k using untradables, and was it worht the price? (hes about 900k-mil depending on the market if ur buying from scratch)

*I have played over 50 games total with his loan and I can say he is the best with an engine chem at CAM, or if your using him as an attacking minded CM like me, I would reccomend maestro. Also his medium/medium workates feel a lot better in a CM role than a CAM

Pace: For a CM 82 is actually pretty nice and he feels good for that position. A little slow for a CAM sometimes and without any pace upgrades U can easily notice his lack of pace in that position.

Shooitng: Acording to the "fifa pro" on the other review, he cant score at all. IMO, to much the contrary, this is A very good thing about this card. Even post patches, his right foot finese shots are like magic. Just take a good one on and watch a beautifully stroked ball neslte nicley into the back of ur opponents net. I know curve is under passing, but finesse or not, all his shots had some nasty break, and it def allowed him to score with that movement. Also, he is a BEAST at free kicks. Aim it correctly and let it rip.

Passing: By far the best thing about this card, now I was boosting his passing, but it made him feel like FIFA 18 SBC Pirlo the way he was diming. His long passes were spectatcular, but his short passing is truly where his iconess shows. He literalty megs people all the time on passes, and they are so crisp and accurate they can get through even the tightest of windows.

Dribbling: WITH AN AGILITY BOOST his dribbling was phenomenal. Hes not going to have crazy 90+ agil, but it boosted up over 81 combined with all the other stats in the category, he was very very solid. I megged people a few times with this crad, but the thing that stood out was his security. He is strong (which I will talk about later) and keeps it super close and glued to his boot. I wish he had 5 star skills based on his real life skills, but he still could skill, even though for him it felt like there was a learnig curve compared to some others. Regardless once i had his unique style down, he was gettign around everybody.

Defending: Ill keep this short. Awesome interceptions and stats for a CAM, he really will nab some balls in key areas to turn the play over to his own team. As a CM, he did do fine work, but his may have been due to his physical stats

Physical: Other than his passing, this is the best thing about the card, regardless of category rating. HE IS A TANK. And this was the reason I had to bring him into my team. His strength for a CAM or CM is incredible. He bodies so many people, and it is crucial to winning balls against wingers and other mids. He was so good at coming out and stripping wingers of the ball. Idk what I was doing but it has been working well all these games.

Overall, I can admit there are better icons to go for in his price range, but for me, the feel I had with the loan made me want him. So is he worth the 900k? proably not, go pickup a gerrard, but if you are like me an collect a lot of untradables evertime good upgrade packs come through, he is pretty worth doing for under 800k. I was also really lucky this year an got multiple really fantastic pulls worth over a mil, so my team is pretty stacked. if I didnt have the team that I did I doubt I would have gotten him, as I certainly would spread the coins elsewhere, and not paid for him.

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