Name: Victor Ibarbo

Known Aliases: Big Dick Vick, Anus Invadus, Controller Destroyer, Abusive Stepfather, etc.

Age: 28

Height: 6'2"

Chemistry Style: Sniper

WR: Med/Low

SM/WF: 3 Star/4 Star

Games Played: 21

Goals: 28

Assists: 12

Starting 11 BEFORE SUBS:

Starting 11 AFTER SUBS: See squad link

In my opinion, FIFA 19 has been a MASSIVE disappointment. Upon reflection, I haven’t really enjoyed ultimate team since fifa 15 but I have stuck with it up to this point. However, I have decided that this will be my final year of ultimate team. I really miss the fun, arcady feel of the early years of FUT full of brasilver 3-back teams, midfield longshots, and bronze tournaments. But these days, the way that the game has been trending, to be competitive you need a meta team by December and any player outside of the top 20 in their position is practically useless against decent opposition.

In a last ditch effort to strain any enjoyment out of the constant promo’s and autistic Lukaku center back cards, I completed the flashback Doumbia SBC. When trying to build a team around him, I struggled to find a proper way to honor the Ivorian’s legacy. After looking at other Doumbia squads on futhead, I saw the missing piece. It was Victor Ibarbo, the epitome of what Ultimate Team used to be. So I sunk what little coins I had left into the J-League SBC (Around 80k) and just like that, my sweet Colombian prince had returned.

If you have ever used an Ibarbo card outside of the "over the top through ball, pace over everything era" (I would classify this as FIFA 16 and beyond) you know what to expect. A big clunky striker whos pace and strength is ultimately overshadowed by his lack of finesse. However, SBC Ibarbo is the monster that possibly made or ruined your childhood, with all of the power and polish that earned him his infamous reputation.

Alright, enough nostalgic rambling.

Things that actually matter.

Key Stats:

99 Shot Power 92 Finishing (+15 w/ sniper) 99 Agility (+10 w/ sniper) 95 Dribbling (+10 w/ sniper) 93 Strength

Key Flaws:

78 Composure (+5 w/ sniper) 58 Balance (+5 w /sniper)


R A P I D. The first game I played with Ibarbo was against 94 pace 86 CB Theo Hernandez. Let's just say Theo won’t be showing his face anywhere near a pitch again. Ibarbo ran circles around him for ninety minutes and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hernandez found the nearest bridge and jumped off. In all seriousness, the man is quick. Just play balls in behind and he will get there. 10/10


Ibarbo has never really been known for his precision in front of goal but he gets the job done. With 99 shot power, Ibarbo can score from anywhere near the box. Don’t use finesse shots, don’t use low driven shots, just shoot the ball and it will find the back of the net more often than not. Ibarbo’s most notable flaw is his composure. In one on one situations, he can take some heavy touches or hit the ball into the stratosphere. To counteract this, I would recommend shooting early or pair Ibarbo upfront with a more clinical finisher (Like Doumbia). 9/10


Surprisingly adequate. In the 4-1-2-1-2 (2) I relied heavily on quick build up passing to open up space in behind for through balls to Ibarbo and Doumbia. Ibarbo managed to hold his own very well and seldom gave the ball away. His passing is nothing special but he is a consistent playmaker for me and even managed a respectable 13 assists in 21 games. 10/10


This goes without saying but Ibarbo turns like a beached whale. He is agile but he changes directions at a snail's pace. However, his close control is great and as long as you keep your finger off the sprint button he is a joy to dribble with. He can twist and turn at a slow speed, leaving defenders for dead and drawing penalties galore. 8/10


He’s tall, fast, and strong; what more do you need defensively out of a striker? He can push players off the ball and catch up to the quickest outside backs and center backs now thanks to the clusterf### that was FUT Birthday. 10/10


It’s hard to put into words how strong this guy is so I’ll just let someone else do it. This is a quote from Clolor’s FIFA 16 80 IF Ibarbo review ( “He made David Luiz's anus a Japanese flag when he tore through the defense of one of his victims.” Now bear in mind that IF Ibarbo on FIFA 16 only had 83 strength. I want you to try to imagine the state of David Luiz’s backside after facing an Ibarbo with 93 strength. 10/10

The X-Factor:

Ibarbo is a player that brought some life back to Ultimate Team for me. He’s a rage quit machine and his raw power can drag a lack luster squad to victory even against some steep opposition. Welcome back to my starting eleven Victor. 10/10

This is my longest review to date and if you made it to the end, I applaud you. Thanks for your time!

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