Note: I don't know if you can get him, but I really do hope you cannot. He is simply a massive beast and almost broken. He is unreal. I dread the day I go against him because in the hands of the right person, he is unstoppable.

Short Abstract: ST in 65 games with Marksman on 10 Chemistry in a 41212 narrow BPL team paired with a Spanish BPL manager. If not bothered to read full review, feel free to read the Team-Impact, Cost-Benefit and Best Style of Play sections (on the bottom of the page) for a summarized review, and in order to better comprehend the card's stats and team-impact of the card. Also, please consider reading his Shooting analysis since that is what makes this card even better than his 92 rating (he could easily be 95-96 due to it).

Stats: 65 Games - 65 Goals, 10 Assists. Keep in mind, I play with 2 strikers up front and many players like my CAM, and CM's (and even sometimes my CDM) join the attack to make runs and score. So although not incredibly high on its own, given the context: it is pretty damn amazing.

Team-Impact: Keep in mind that there is an inflation in terms of goals/assists with the card and overall team stats due my style of play (high shots leads to high number of goals, causes opponent to become aggressive and fast-paced and leads to counter-attacks that increase even more the score), but since they have risen with impact from the card on average by 2-3 shots and 1-2 goals, I have included all 90min game Team stats with the card used:

Average Game: My Team = 4-7 - Opponent = 0-2. Average Team Shots: My Team = 25, 20 on Target - Opponent = 0-4, 0-3 on Target. Average Possession: My Team = 50%=< (=< is higher or equal to) - Opponent = 50%>= (>= is less or equal to). So I get in a lot of shots with a fast-paced build-up while having solid defending. The higher the score in my favor, the more desperate the opponent becomes to get back into the game (becoming more aggressive and fast-paced), allowing me to capitalize with fast counter-attacks that benefit not only my style of play, but strikers like Villa himself, Aguero 89 (hunter), Torres 92 (sniper), specifically to be much more effective due to their pace and high attacking positioning stat.

Team (all have 10 chem except Dembele who has 8 chem on powerhorse or whatever it is called): As an opponent would see it:

                            Lloris 88

Zanetti 88 - Sanchez 84 - Azpi 86 - Alonso 82 Fabinho 85 Fernandinho 87 Dembele 84 Litmanen 85 Villa 92 Torres 92

Note: I sub Litmanen between 45-60min in-game since his stamina is not the best, and I either sub him in with KDB 91 (with sniper) or Birthday Sane 90 (with Marksman) who I got yesterday in a pack. I will do a review on him since I haven't seen any decent review on him but I have not played enough games with him yet, and I am still trying to figure out how he works best.

Style: Fast-paced, quick short passing with a couple of long passes or 1-2 (sometimes even quick, rapid-fire tiki-taka) to create space through positioning or runs. Lots of shots (average of 25 per game, with average of 20 on target). Little to no crossing unless there is a player in short or deep distance in the box with no direct match-up for a volley or more controlled shot. High dribbling usage in offense (not skill moves, but pullbacks, cutbacks, fake shots/fake crosses, step-overs, roulettes, juggling), especially inside the box for quick turns and beating CBs in tight space with change of direction; All-team, individual defending (one-on-one, allowing other defenders to stay in position with their match-up) with more participation as you go from offensive players to defensive players (aka: tevez and aguero press high, but dont come back to defend - bulk of defending from where ball is in the park (dembele, herrera, gueye in the mid; defenders + midfielders in defensive region)). Keep in mind however this is not Guardiola or late-Arsene Arsenal style of tiki-taka which is fairly slow (especially the latter) and has the onus on patient build-up and capitalizing on positioning when an opportunity occurs - this is very fast, quick-fire passing (sometimes with 1-2 touches before passing to find better passing route) inside and on the edge of the box, with fast paced build-up from defensive area of the park to offensive area of the park using almost all players (ex.: CB forward pass to LB, short pass to CM or CDM, short pass to CAM/ST, and then fast, rapid-fire tiki-taka with CAM and STs).

Note: He is on Marksman, so boosted Dribbling, Shooting, and Physicality

Pace: 8/10 - He is not the quickest, he won't leave defenders eating dust. But his attacking positioning is so excellent, he still beats them easily because he does the run into the right space before anyone else realizes. He is a player made to keep the ball moving fast and accurately, and be a steps ahead your opponent - that is, when he decides to run. For some reason he sometimes decides to be lazy and not make a run. Which is fine, I can pass and dribble my way through. So don't worry, especially since Pace has been nerfed considerably on this game, he will still get those counterattacking one-on-one breaks. Also, Villa has spectacular shooting, and popping from outside the box with either foot is immensely dangerous, so it works out.

Dribbling: 8.5/10 - This is a weird part. He is not essentially agile like Aguero, so don't expect to make quick turns and changes in direction. Dribbling in a tight space is not the best option, but somehow about 50/50 he makes it splendid. I cannot find a middle ground really, and in those situations I am less about thinking and more about seeing the movement, the conditions established (how many defenders in the box, how much space to dribble, any passing options available, any creation options I can develop), and make quick decisions. He either creates enough space to get an excellent chance or he runs into the defender. Really weird, especially given he has high dribbling already. Torres has much better dribbling (similar to Aguero's but he is stronger). However, you can have tons of fun because going on a 1-on-1 scenario is a 100% certain goal - most people time the GK run wrong, and allows me to fake-cross/fake-shot out of the GK's rush tackle and pass into an empty net. The joy to give the opponent hope of a last-chance to prevent a goal and utterly humilhating the opponent by effortlessly dribbling past the GK - that is what makes Fifa fun and differentiates men from boys. Overall, it is absolutely good and won't cost you many plays (if any). Like I said, he is a pure striker.

Shooting: 10/10 - Hands down best shooting I've ever seen or experienced. I've played fifa since Road to the World Cup 98. I am going to be 22 in April. I've played about every Fifa since then (granted that the 98-00 ones I wasn't that good, but point I am trying to make is I've used different players and mechanics) and he is perhaps the greatest striker I've played with. He has 5 star weak foot. He has excellent stats for inside and outside the box finishing. He is great with finesse, outside shots, heading, volleys, you name it. Now, outside shots aren't really his greatest (althought incredible still) because when going against top GK's, they will most likely be in position to parry it or what not (it is fairly hard not to score from outside the box without using finesse). Also, his isn't super tall, but his heading is phenomenal and his jumping is excellent as well as his positioning, so if you can cross to him when he is free or against a smaller sized or out-of-position CB, or against a fullback, he can win those headers and 9/10 times score when he heads it. One of the most unbelievable goals I've scored with him highlighting his amazing shooting was when I was down 3-2 in the 88th min against the super squad I mentioned later this paragraph in the Weekend League, he shoots a strong yet low height shot with his left from outside the box with a defender 4-5 yards ahead of him (defender was on the edge of the box), and it was too fast for TOTY DDG to even come close to reaching it. The reason I think it was unbelievable was because I needed a goal desperately, and given the conditions it is a low probability shot - but he scored and made it look so effortlessly with his left, and the fact that he shot it in a way to not make the ball have a high height yet with such force and precision signifies his shooting is top-notch. This man is a straight-up, no-nonsense striker - a pure finisher. This man scores every game. With him I've had the most rage quits from opponents in years simply because he takes over. I am not a competitive player, although I do play to win, and like to have fun scoring and breaking down defences. I don't sweat or use broken tactics like inside-the-post corner kicks, and I still win. I currently have an 80% win ratio in the current Weekend League that I play with the same team (which is essentially basic and non-meta, but super fun). He has taken over against full-icon teams, he has kept me in the game against a squad consisting of TOTY DDG, Prime Maldini, Prime Ferdinand, 89 Joao Cancelo, 86 Alex Sandro, Prime Gullit, Prime Best, 95 Ronaldo, TOTY Messi, Prime Nedved, Prime Ballack, Prime Stoichkov. I scored 3 goals with him to take it to penalties and win - he scored with his outside foot, finesse shot, and side-foot with his left (the 3rd goal I mentioned earlier). And his SBC was super cheap. Unreal - thanks EA!

NOTE: His shooting is unreal yes, but I do not recommend him as a lone striker. He is not a solo-run striker as he is not strong or agile enough to consistently create his chances by having much of the ball. He is not an aerial threat too despite his jumping and heading because of his height and strength. He also isn't that fast to beat CBs like VVD or Ramos without a decent head-start (not that he is slow, but he isn't Sane and even then CBs in game when defending tend to get faster and stronger per EA mechanics). I would also not recommend putting him in a LF-ST-RF situation - too many offensive threats in the box and it might end up pushing him out of dangerous positions, and with that many offensive threats, he might not be used to the best of his abilities (his impact may be capped).

Defending: N/A. Although he decides to drop back into midfield. Some of you will mind, but I do not because it helps consolidate the defense and allow less space for opposing players to move into. Also, he can get the ball from deep and start counterattacks, so I will keep him as is although he does have the instruction to stay upfront.

Passing: 8.5/10 - Fantastic passing all things considered. I don't get many assists with him because he usually either finds space and scores, or he sets up the pass that leads to an easy assist. But when he passes for an assist, he even uses the outside of the foot with proper weight to do an overhead through-pass for a prime opportunity to score. His passing sometimes is dumb but that is much more due to the game itself (I mean, I might have 4-5 players open, but even KDB 91 might decide to say "screw it" and pass to the one player who is marked (or even straight to the opponent). I shake my head, wonder why if I deliberately chose a direction opposite to the one passed to, curse EA, and move on. Essentially, when EA doesn't decide to override my choice of passing, he finalizes the pass exquisitely. Now, he isn't a pure CAM (don't expect Laudrup in him), but he does surprise sometimes (just like Dembele, Fabinho, and Fernandinho surprise me making runs and beating excellent GKs out of nowhere like good strikers).

Physicality: 8.5/10 - He is not Ibra ok. But damn, when he blows past the CB in a run and gets the ball, he somehow holds them for 3-5 seconds. It might not seem much, but given his stature, his physicality stats, the CB's physicality stats, how EA makes CBs when defending super fast and strong in-game, and his pace and shooting, that is phenomenal. It is more than enough time to get near the box with enough space and have a viable chance to score. He can hold the ball well (even if not my style) too. Impressed.

Cost-Benefit: I got him through the SBC since I had a decent amount of high-rated non-used and untradeable cards. I did not spend a dime. I traded SBC Falcao 89 for him and it was immensely worth it. I dare even say he might be broken. His shooting is unreal as he can score in any form and he is a danger with both feet. I have him paired with Torres (I did his SBC not even expecting Villa then because Torres is a BPL legend and it was cheap - a no-brainer. If you didn't do messed up. I pair Villa with Torres and they are unstoppable. The main aspects of the duo are that Torres has the dribbling and physicality, and Villa has the shooting. Both have amazing attacking positioning (although Villa sometimes is lazy and doesn't do the run), and so if any of them have a fair amount of space in the box (and for villa even outside the box and from any direction due to 5 star weak foot), start praying that your GK has one of those god-like games because you will either concede within 5-10 in-game minutes, or your GK will save your ass since he will be under constant pressure of over 20 shots for the whole game.

Bottom-line: If you have him and can pair him with Torres or any other Spanish/Icon Striker like Butragueno or Torres - players with their style more than Raul even because Villa benefits from someone faster and better at dribbling since it allows him to get into positions of maximum opportunity, and Villa is not really a solo-run player), stop thinking and enjoy life. Shoot from anywhere. Just don't go up against me please.

Note: His stats - 65 matches, 65 goals and 10 assists. I use my strikers a lot when creating plays, so they get high assist numbers themselves. But like I said, Villa doesn't have amazing assist numbers because in a position where I would usually assist with any other player, he has has enough quality and space to bang or place it in the net. I also rely on excellent positioning to score based on my quick style of play (off-the-ball movement is crucial for me). His stats are great, but obviously some of them don't really reflect in-game (they might be better or worse in-game - for instance, his dribbling isn't all that in-game and he is lazy sometimes to do runs, but his dribbling and attacking positioning are still excellent. His strength seems low especially going against strong CBs like Icons or Ramos/VVD, but he can hold against them far better than his in-game stats suggests). Also, I use all my players heavily for their own specific functions and a bit for all functions (for instance, I use my strikers as the first defenders - they are not good at it, but it helps the overall team defending; because of that, they might give the assist for a counterattack from the middle of the park - it is not their main role, but it is one I like them to play in too), but sometimes everyone wants to have fun so I might have my CM's and CDM making a run into the box and scoring or assisting. I have 2 strikers in a tandem - an offensive triangle (CAM - RS and LS), so they will all mostly share assists and goals. I would not recommend using his as a solo striker since he isn't a solo-run kind of striker, yet I wouldn't recommend putting him in a RF-ST-LF situation too because there will be too many offensive threats around the box and he might get pushed out (you don't want that). The triangle of a CAM, RS and LS seems to work best since the CAM essentially stays at the edge and center of the box and can move around to create plays, while the other striker can move around the box and cause defenders to move close to him - this allows Villa to have less defenders around him while having enough space to move around and out-position defenders (this is what you want - to have Villa relatively free with enough space to shoot from outside or inside the box). And since he has a 5 star weak foot (which I can't stress enough), you can be equally dangerous from any direction - most players will attempt to have a maximum opportunity to score by attempting to establish a position to take a shot with the best foot. But with Villa you can make a run outside the box indicating you will attempt to finesse with the left/right, and then fake-cross/fake-shot/dribble past the defender to get inside the box and shoot with the right-left foot. This allows you to be flexible, versatile, creative, and dangerous. Regardless though, he is excellent and his stats alone for me do not entirely reflect him impact - look at the team impact too.

Final Note: you may have watched Marshall89's review on him. I like his reviews because he goes in-depth and plays several games with them (although not as many as I would like for a review). But keep in mind he has a super-team, he has a certain style of play, and he goes against opponents that have an equally fantastic squad. I don't - and you might not too. And our style of play is unique to each one of us. He states that Villa feels sluggish - I disagree. He is lazy sometimes by not doing the runs I would like him to do, but that pales in comparison to the card's overall impact. He ends the review by stating the card, despite an amazing game-to-goal ratio is weird. I disagree - the fact is many strikers in fifa are defined by the following traits: pace and agility. Aguero, Messi, Mbappe, etc. are fast and agile, while Ibra, Lukaku, Icardi, etc. are slow and clunky (but strong). Villa is a rare instance of a pure striker (like Rooney or Shearer) - he isn't the fastest or the most agile or the strongest (but still excellent) yet he isn't in itself clunky or slow or weak. He just does these traits incredibly well (yet not excel and rely on them or define his style), and this allows him to get into space and use what he really shines on: shooting. Don't use him for SBC fodder, and don't keep in your club for no use. Put him on the bench or in your squad and try him out. The amount of player's I've seen using players like Vieri, Sheva, Stoichkov, Werner, Griezmann, Aguero, Rashford POTM - not that they aren't great, but Villa in-game blew them away. They barely had any shots, and Villa had 2-3 goals easy. If they have him, they don't even realize how much better he is than all of them. Screw the glamour or your gut - be objective, because stat-wise, not many do it better than Villa.

He is old - but he is El Guaje.

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