I decided to do the SBC for flashback Doumbia as he was my absolute favourite player in Fifa 14 and 15. I have to say that I am pretty dissapointed since he doesn't play near as well as he did back then.

Pace: 7/10 The biggest draw to this card is that 97 pace; however, in game he doesn't even feel that quick, maybe closer to 85 pace. Once he gets going he's able to outpace some defenders, but since everyone has god tier defenders at this point in the game his pace isn't that big of a threat.

Shooting: 8/10 He's clinical from inside the box, and his 4 weak foot helps with that. His longshots aren't great, but all in all he is reliable in front of goal.

Passing: 4/10 One of my biggest issues about this card. I constantly do quick passing triangles on the edge the box to break my attackers in, but whenever it was Doumbia's turn to slip in my player he'd completely over hit it or it'd just go to my opponent. His long balls are also very poor.

Dribbling: 6/10 Only having 3 * skills really lets him down. Combine that with is OK agility and balance which make him real pretty clunky a lot of the time and it makes it a chore to get past agile defenders.

Defending: 8/10 For an attacker he is very good at winning the ball off defenders with his superior strength.

Physical: 8/10 There is two sides to Doumbia's physical. The first is his strength and jumping. Both are AMAZING. He wins almost everything in the air and is great to cross too. His strength is also very helpful to hold off most defenders when he's through on goal, or just in built up play in general. The other side of his physical is his stamina. He's supposidly has 70 stamina, but it feels like 50. I need to sub him off by the 60th minute most games because his stamina bar is almost out. He also takes an abnormal amount of time to refill his stamina bar after he makes a run, which is super annoying.

Player Ability: 6/10 Value for coins: 3/10 Overall 4.5/10

Now I have a cool looking card in my club that will just bring back the good memories of better fifas. He's not near as good as his stats suggest, although if you like to cross he could be a aerial threat. If his SBC was around 100k I'd recommned him as a fun card to get, but 220k is far too much for this caliber of card at this stage of the game. I plan on making more reviews so leave any suggestion in the comments.

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