So I was using this lads SIF in my squad as a central AM in a 4231, and I was like damn, this card is pretty nice. So I was like fuck it, lets get his POTM for some fun. And oh boy is this card fucking fun I have a maestro on him and in 15 games in Div 6/5, he has 11 goals and 10 assists, which is insane for me considering I don't have a single player with a positive goals to games ratio this year. So his stats Pace (87) 10/10 For a center CAM, he's one speedy boi. He made a lot of runs in behind the ST and almost every time he got the better of the defender. His pace while tracking back is also really fast, and I've scored plenty of goals from his tackles in the middle of the field. Shooting (89 with maestro) 9/10 Out of his 11 goals, only 1 or 2 were from tap-ins, which in itself shows his shooting range. His longshots are like lasers, which is helped by the maestro chem style, which gives him 98 shot power and 96 long shots; impressive stuff. His finishing from inside the box is also very very solid, he usually puts his shots away, especially when you time his shots. The only complaint with his shooting is sometimes, his low composure does play a part with his finishes, but apart from that, he is very clean and reliable in front of goal. His 4 star weak foot is also very nice, it doesn't feel significantly weaker than his right foot, and he has even scored some brilliant first-time bangers with his left foot. Passing (92 with maesto) 10/10 Superb. His through balls to the wingers and ST are always perfectly weighted and evade the defender, and there are no problems at all with his one-touch passes and combinations in the middle of the park, right foot or left foot. The maestro probably helps this, giving him 99 vision and short pass. Overall, extremely clean and reliable again. Dribbling (95 with maestro) 11/10 Easily his best attribute. His short, sharp turns and ability to ride challenges is phenomenal. He carries the ball extremely well and he exits his (4 star) skill moves very smoothly and quickly. Turning on the ball with him is very smooth and he feels very quick on the ball IG. Defending (35) 6/10 For a guy with 35 defending, he certainly wins his fair share of tackles. As mentioned previously, he has created numerous goals by winning the ball of the opposition DM. A very nice bonus for his position. Physical (72) 7/10 Decent for a CAM. He will obviously get pushed over by the fabinho's and viera's of FIFA, but he certainly can hold his own relatively well against other midfielders. His stamina is ok as well. I do take him off most games, but he certainly can last the full 90 minutes depending on your playstyle. He has even popped up with some crucial last minute plays to secure a win or a draw.

Overall rating: 9.6/10 Value for coins: 10/10 (about 100k is pretty darn good) Overall, this card is extremely fun and a definite yes if you have a bundesliga team. But if you want to get him, get him ASAP because he expires tomorrow

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