For a long time I'm sure a lot of you have been asking 'damn, when are EA ever going to release a flashback Pizarro'. If players like Esswein and David Luiz are receiving them then there is no question this man deserves it. Anyway, I bought him off the market for 400 coins and I have not looked back. It seriously feels like using him in his prime. Before I describe what an absolutely broken, incredible card this is, I would like to give a bit of background as to why I bought him and what team and mode I used, to give you a real grasp of how viable an option this guy is. If you want to go straight into a breakdown of his stats, go to the 3rd paragraph.

First of all, I'm a massive nostalgia guy when it comes to UT. I love using players who once had great cards or who were once amazing in real life. I am in Rivals Division 3 with a 4 million coin team on my main account and every game is so sweaty and try hard that I decided to make a new account for messing about with, in which I began in Division 6. I first bought Pizarro and game by game I am improving my squad. I currently have a very modest, sweaty full gold Bundesliga team (see link) other than him, whereas to begin with the team was BSG with around 80 chem. Anyway, every game I have played has been in Divison Rivals against incredibly strong, often multi-million coin teams. My record since starting is W 10 D 1 L 1. Shockingly, my team is and most notably Pizarro, are taking Division Rivals by storm. I will now look into Pizarro's performance and contribution to the crazy success I have had with the team.

PIZARRO CARD BREAKDOWN First of all, let's look at this guys absolutely bonkers record (using a Maestro chemistry style): Games - 12 (Twelve) Goals - 27 (TWENTY. SEVEN.) I'm telling you guys, this is no joke. This man is an absolute goal machine at a competitive level. Anyway, let me now breakdown each card stat and rate them out of 10.

36 PACE (8/10): 36 pace is probably the only reason this guy is silver instead of gold. I know, it looks incredibly offputting to begin with, as you are most definitely going to be facing defenders with over double the pace Claudio possesses, but you are not using him for his pace, or his ability to get in behind. Nonetheless, despite having no chemistry boost on pace, he seems to have a rather decent burst of pace off the ball in which he can get in behind defenders which is a pleasant surprise. However, when on the ball you want to avoid pressing the sprint button at all costs, it just won't work.

76 SHOOTING (10/10): If 27 goals in 12 games doesn't speak for itself then I will have a stab at trying to describe this man's shooting ability. This is where this guy becomes BROKEN. Holy Christ can this man shoot. If you get the ball to him anywhere in the box, and time the finish correctly, it's a goal, no doubt about it. His right foot is an absolute laser, genuinely one of the best I've used this year. He has thumped home some absolute rockets past 90+ rated goalkeepers, including some beautiful volleys which are up there with the best goals I have scored this year. He has absolutely fantastic positioning and has really resurrected sweaty goals for me as he is always in the box to slot home passes that come his way. I don't know if he has some sort of trait or whatever but he is often one step ahead of much higher rated opposition defenders. I haven't really attempted any longshots with him but that is simply because he is ALWAYS in the box in really good positions. He is the true meaning of fox in the box for me.

72 PASSING (9/10): With the Maestro chemistry this stat does feel truly enhanced. He has smashed some fierce free kicks despite only having 75 accuracy with the chemistry boost. His vision and range of passing is quite incredible, and I reckon he would too be a viable option as a CAM. Many of the moves he finishes come from himself, often a clever pass in behind to my wingers from which they hold the ball up and wait for him to get into the box. He is quite a solid all rounder and not only scores bags of goals but brings the best out of other attackers.

75 DRIBBLING (10/10): Again, the chemistry boost does wonders for this stat. His 4 star skills make him an absolute joy to use. He truly emulates his prime self with exquisite ball control in the box. Some of the absolutely insane volleys I have scored have been tee'd up by himself with outrageous flicks (my favourite of which he flicked over the head of 93 Baresi and smashed into the top corner). For a tall, slow striker, you will leave the opposition startled when you start busting out skills and successfully taking on defenders. He has gotten the better of some of the best defenders in game with his superb ball control and dribbling (Prime Baresi, Van Dijk, Varane, Ramos, Carniball Rudiger to name a few). You are pretty much relying on this stat because you are constantly having to beat players 1 on 1 due to the lack of pace, and Claudio most certainly does not let you down.

37 DEFENDING (7/10): Have only used his head for knocking the ball down for team mates rather than going for goal and it hasn't let me down in that regard, so no complaints. When you realise how good he is with ball at his feet you will look to keep the ball on the deck.

68 PHYSICAL (9/10): He is surprisingly good at holding the ball up against tough opposition such as Van Dijk. His jumping cannot be complained about, he holds his ground in aerial duels. Additionally, absolutely no complaints about the 50 stamina as I never sprint with him but he maintains his physical strength for the whole 90 minutes.

CONCLUSION 1000+ word review for a silver. The fact I was bothered making this tells you I am serious about Pizarro. He is undoubtedly the most fun player I have used in UT this year. I'm not saying he is going to replace Prime Crespo on my main account but he is seriously tempting me to give him a try. To my knowledge Division 6 and 5 are mostly decent players, and judging by the squads I have faced some of the players PIzarro has mauled are committed FIFA gamers. It's not just a one-off, fluke result; he holds his own against some of the best cards in UT, game in game out. The next time you're fed up sweating your balls off on FUT Champs and are feeling experimental I urge you to buy this man in a team filled with pace and I dare you to tell me he is not an absolute delight to use. I am scared to think of what a potential flashback card would be like IG because this seems to perfectly represent Pizarro's real life strengths when he was at his prime. At 400 coins, what have you got to lose?

FINAL VERDICT: 10/10, godworthy

Thanks for reading my review :)

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