Introduction: To introduce my review I´d like to describe my playstyle. I´m playing 4-2-3-1. I pass a lot until I see gaps, so I like strong players, which can also make a run when breaking through the opponents defense. But why Volland? I actually have two teams, where Hulk Carniball is my counterpart to Volland.

Hulk is obviously a beast, that´s why I review Volland, `cause he´s quite good for his 81ish general stats as NIF. I´m using Volland with a HUNTER Chemistry Style to boost his pace and shooting. He´s my playmaker as a CAM in the center to get in good positions to shoot, furthermore he can turn and hold the ball to get more spaces for my other players.

PACE 7/10: 88 Pace with HUNTER is ok, but he´s clearly no sprinter to compete with Usain Boldt. Nonetheless especially his high balance (84) let him doing some deadly turns and runs to outrun the opponent, especially him being used as a CAM in front of the defense.

SHOOTING: 9/10 87 with HUNTER. But all his shooting stats are above 80. Shot Power and Volleys are also higher than 90. Weak Foot is 3*, however his shots feel so clinical and he already achieved some rocket volleys with his weak foot from outside the box in WL.

PASSING 6/10: Solid. Nothing special.

DRIBBLING: 6/10 Key Stat is his balance (84), with his strong body he can make some awesome runs. On the other hand he only has 3* SM, but you can work with it. Solid composure of 80 also helps. I always have the feeling he does not loose the ball too easy, he feels pretty good to control.

DEFENDING (not relevant): Good strenghts and agression but nothing more to add here.

PHYSIS: 8/10 High Stamina, good strenghts making him run full time like crazy. Also his jumping is okay, but he won´t overhead meta defenders.

OVERALL 7.5/10: He´s a good choice in my eyes refering to his price range, also for weekend league. He makes some good runs, his package of strenghts, shooting and balance are above average and harmonize well together, so you´ll find him often in the right spots. I really enjoy playing with him, it´s important to use him right. He´s good with turning left or right with well timed sprints, his balance will help with that. In addition he can hold the ball, otherwise he feels like running into the right spots.

I tried some other players like IF Kramaric, NIF Lewandowski, IF Kruse and IF Sabitzer to have a player like Carniball HULK. But Volland really does have the package to be something special. Get used to him and give him a try, when playing more budget, he can make a difference.

Thanks. :)

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