I'm not sure how no one has reviewed any of Donnarumma's cards yet, and I'm also very surprised as to how little people use him in Serie A teams (Most I have seen go for IF Szczesny or Lafont). I mean, his base stats are TOTS-esque, he's relatively cheap and he's a great height for a goalkeeper. I had come up against him a few times and he was incredibly frustrating, so I decided to fight fire with fire and bought him. The rest is history. I will rank each of his card stats out of 10.

94 Diving (9/10): When I think of diving I am mainly considering long shots. Donna is great at getting across his goal to keep out spectacular efforts that seem destined to laser in the corner. He leaps across in such an effortless way, making good shots seem bang average. His stature means he can really stretch out and reach the furthest parts of the net to make fingertip saves in important moments.

90 Handling (9/10): He is similar to Courtois in the sense he can hold on to most shots from outside the box. He is brilliant at coming for corners and often holds on to balls that look really dangerous. In situations where he doesn't keep hold of the ball from a shot or cross, he always parries it into a good position that is out of danger, preventing rebounds from the opposition.

83 Kicking (7/10): Does what it says on the tin really. He isn't Ederson and on occassions he fails to find my attackers when kicking the ball out for a counter attack. I'm not all that fussed about keepers starting attacks so I would not penalise him for average pass accuracy.

93 Reflexes (10/10): This man's reflexes are so great that 10/10 doesn't seem enough. Seriously, he has blown my mind with some absolutely crazy saves at close range that just shouldnt happen. Many a time I have accepted defeat when I see the opposition striker has timed his finish perfectly in the box, but Donna never gives up and somehow pulls out an unbelievable save. It's almost unfair. He has saved my ass on so many occasions and prevented my opponent from scoring in situations where they are probably already celebrating. He leaves me speechless at least once every game and that is no exaggeration. He will tip prime icon's shots onto the post in situations where you fully expect the ball to be tucked away. He is just such an infuriating GK to come up against in 1 on 1 situations.

52 Speed (7/10): Again, a safe 7 here as I was not expecting him to be quick and I was pretty much right. 52 feels accurate. I wouldn't encourage you to come racing out 20 or 30 yards and do a Neuer with him. However he is great at anticipating through balls into the penalty area and often grabs a hold of them just before the opponent can get their foot to the ball.

89 Positioning (10/10): As previously mentioned, he isn't quick but he still gobbles up plenty of balls into the box because he is always in the right position in almost every situation. I feel his positioning and reflexes compliment one another to allow him to make the incredible saves I have spoken about. However, I find it hard to comment on this stat in FIFA 19 in any real detail as the majority of players manually control keeper movement this year, so it is really down to how well the player position the goalkeeper.

Conclusion: Prime Crespo up front scores a large proportion of my goals and I would thank him most for how many wins I have achieved, but after him it is Donnarumma who I must thank for allowing me to scrape wins where I should have conceded more goals than I did. Not many GK's are good enough to have you build your team around them, but for a long time Donnarumma was the first name on the team sheet and I would decide who to use in defence with him in mind.

I don't currently use him in my team as I wanted to try Ramos and Varane at CB (In Division 3 Rivals, Serie A CB's can only get you so far, none of them have a stitch on Ramos). However, I can safely say that having previously tried De Gea, Ter Stegen, Courtois, Handanovic, Neuer amongst others, this man is without a shadow of a doubt the BEST keeper I have used this year. Not even close. He may not be the greatest all-round but he makes the most exceptional saves and is a true match winning goalie.

Final Verdict - 10/10.

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