This is for a review challenge from Talk, and it's my first ever review so it will probably be pretty shite.

Games: 131

Goals: 117

Assists: 59

Chemistry Style: Hunter

All games were in Division 5 of Rivals or in FUT Champions

Pace: 8/10 - 99 sprint speed and acceleration with Hunter, so when he's on full fitness, through balls are your best friend. He can easily outspeed most center backs, but has some slight problems against players with 90+ pace like TOTY Varane and people like that.

Dribbling: 7/10 - Agility and balance are both 99 by default, but his dribbling stats aren't amazing besides that. 82 dribbling and 82 ball control aren't bad at all, but he shouldn't be the player you rely on to dribble your opponent's entire team (unless your opponent is really bad). 82 composure isn't bad either.

Shooting: 9/10 - I've used players like moments Cruyff and Pele in FUT Draft, and honestly Martinez's shooting seems on par with those guys. He's got 97 finishing with Hunter so in the box he's pretty much God. Only complaint is he is not good from outside the 18, so he's not one of those players you can spam outside of the box finesses with unfortunately.

Defending: 7/10 - This rating has nothing to do with his tackling, marking, etc. It's purely based on his 89 heading accuracy. For 5'7" he scores a lot from crosses and corners.

Passing: 6/10 - I'll be honest, his passing is nothing amazing. But he's more than capable of putting in a decent through ball or quick pass if you need him to.

Physical: 7/10 - 91 jumping and his previously mentioned 89 heading accuracy makes him a monster in the air. Only 78 strength isn't a huge issue because he can just run past most opponents. 77 stamina isn't amazing, but manageable.

Overall, Martinez is one of the best players I've used in Fifa 19 and was 100% worth the 6 friendly wins with an MLS team required to get him. That's another thing, you can't get him any more, so if you missed out on him let me tell you you're missing out on something amazing.

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