I was challenged to make a review on any player so I thought it was a great way to do my first review. I chose to do this on this beast. I packed this guy a while ago in a Premium Premier League upgrade SBC. I used a Basic chemistry style on him. I would link a squad but it was heavily changed so it wouldn't really make sense to link just one squad when he played with many players who got replaced. I will mention though that his main striker duos were Zaha (beast), Lacazette (beast), and currently Kane (beast).

Games: 40

Goals: 31

Assists: 12

Pace - 8/10, He only has 84 pace but 88 acceleration and a sprint speed that's boosted with the Chemistry Style really changed that. He honestly feels more like 90ish pace.

Shooting - 9/10, He is deadly in the box. I've played 40 games with him and scored 31 goals making him my highest scorer in the club. 93 Finishing, 92 Attacking Position that gets boosted with basic, 88 Shot Power before boost. Not much to complain about him. Even his headers are great for a 5'8" man.

Passing - 8/10, Not really as important but still needed. He has 12 assists in 40 games which is pretty good for a striker. That 76 passing is a big lie. Feels like 85 more or less.

Dribbling - 8/10, My style isn't really dribbling but it's still an important stat. He is a great dribbler. He is able to create chances in the box very well. A boosted 89 ball control, 91 Balance, 89 reactions. If you like to dribble with your strikers a lot, He's your boy. I would've given him a 9 if my play style was more focused around dribbling.

Defending 6/10, I don't really know how to judge this but he is good at winning back balls. Also 74 heading accuracy which is great on the attacking side.

Physical - 8/10, Again, hard to judge but it's doable. He has a good physicality. 81 jumping before boost which again is great for attacking. 76 stamina is in now way a problem and 73 strength is very misleading. He is able to hold off defenders well and can muscle players off the ball.

Overall this guy is a great player. Worth the price? Don't ask me I packed him. But if you have the coins, I'd reccomend buying Aguero. Also that "SERGIO SERGIO" chant after he scores a goal is beautiful.

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