Well, my first review... I started playing Fifa again a week ago and I got this card yesterday. I completed 4 Swap Deal Challenges and I knew I was going to claim him. I must say that I haven't played a lot of games with him by now (4), but I can say that he is a very good CDM. I've scored 1 goal with him and he has also delivered an assist, so he's also decently good at attacking. I've only used him in division rivals(DIV 7), so I don't know if he's good against the AI.

About the squad I use a 4411 formation and I must say that it's very good. I want to replace Kramaric and buy Werner, but he's very expensive right now because of his SIF. Even though Kramaric is not bad, I think that Werner can create a bigger impact. Of course this review is about Guilavogui, so let's get right into that.

About Guilavogui The chemistry style I've used is powerhouse, a chemistry style that I always use for my CDMs. These are his stats: https://www.futhead.com/19/players/18484/josuha-guilavogui/?chemType=Powerhouse&teamChem=100&individualChem=10

Pace - 74 - His pace is good enough to chase opponents down, so his pace is good. 8/10

Shooting - 70 - I don't want him to attack, so he doesn't get a lot of chances. He did shoot once from outside the box and it went in, so I guess he is decently good at shooting. Even though that doesn't matter to me. 7/10

Passing - 75(83) - He has 99 short passing and 93 long passing so that should say enough. Even though I haven't tried his long passing yet, his short passing is very good. He is also very good when he has the ball, so I'm very happy with his passing. 9/10

Dribbling - 76 - He has very good reactions and ball control which is all he needs really. He never loses the ball and also performs rushes sometimes, but when you get tackled it's better to not continue with him, because he only has 55 balance. 7/10

Defense - 84(93) - His most important stat and he is also phenomenal at it. Most of the times he gets the ball again and when he doesn't I still have two rocks behind him, so I don't concede a lot of goals. 10/10

Physical - 84 - He's very tall and he is very good at heading, but whenever I have a corner he is never in the box, which is a shame. He always heads away the ball when my opponent has a corner, so that's good. 8/10

Overall: 8/10 Mostly because I've only used him for a couple of games in division rivals, so I don't know how he plays against opponents that don't use a 186 rated Premier League team.

Worth it? Yes, he is a bargain for 4 Swap Deal players.

If you have any feedback on my review it will be greatly appreciated. If you want to know more about Guilavogui feel free to ask me. I might edit this review in a couple of games when I've played more with him. If you want me to make a review about another Bundesliga player feel free to ask me. I don't have enough coins for players like Neuer, because I just started a week ago. But I can purchase anyone below 35k.

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