So firstable sorry for my bad english . i Used him as a cam in 433-4 formation his passing is something the best i ever seen and i definitefly feel his shooting with his 99 curve . and i can absouloutly confirm that he is the best dribbler i ever used and i used TOTS messi and TOTS Dybala (in the draft)balance, composure,dribbling,agility everything is great i did put on him engine because of lack of the pace and i definitefly feel it. His 3 star weakfoot seems like 4 star which is great and i like players which has got 4 star skill moves thats is enough and now physical .he has 78 strenght but in the game because of composure and balance he feels like 85 .his shooting feels like ibra in 2012 or something like that. outside the box inside the box he scores everything i had on him 4 shoots 3 goals at the CAM all outside the box but i had inside the box goals too. His work rate is High/Medium which is for a cam great and i even used him as a ST and i like the fact that he is quick and very good dribbler . and the last but not least his defending i don't know why the heck has he got 90 stand tackle a 86 interceptions but i love it it is very useful even as a CAM. This is best CAM i ever used and he is perfect and complete (even defending) he and Dybala in one team at CAM spots the most sick dribblers and complete CAM in the game beside Ronaldo TOTS and Messi TOTS. and i forgot to mention that his finishing is one of the best finishing in the game.And if he had a little bit more PACE he would be outstandig but he is outstanding and without that

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