I got this card in the the TOTMD SBC and at first it seemed like a waste of a few good cards but as I used it, I realized that this card was a beast on the ball and off the ball making runs. He scored 10 goals in 9 games with 5 assistes. i used him with regular dybala

POSITIVES: This cards pace is the stand out with that 97 sprint speed with 94 acceleration. This card is a bullet, PACE BEAST!! The dribbling is amazing with 99 agility and the 5 star skill moves, absolutely amazing. The passing is all so a very nice addition with this card, with these TOTMD it was like EA had to make some crazy cards to bring back more players. The defending is very nice for a midfielder and the defending is better then the RB inform he had for juve. The shooting is decent with 99 shot power and 99 long shots but the finishing is lacking with 83 but i slapped a finisher that brings it up to 88 which is great. The PHY is decent but not the best part but the 95 stamina is amazing he can run for days

NEGATIVES: The composure is the only bad thing but it not horrible. The 83 finishing might look bad but with the 99 shoot power it's pretty good still. I highly recommend this card. A tip is to pair him with a fast CAM like dybala or mertens

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