• The FUT Roundup - Week 5

    Published on by FutEconomist 21 Comments

    Welcome back to another Fut Roundup. It was a relatively dull week in terms of official promotions, so let’s quickly recap before looking to the week ahead, which is shaping up to be quite exciting!
  • The FUT Roundup - Week 4

    Published on by Dan 3 Comments

    Welcome back to another week of the Fut Roundup! I hope you are all feeling refreshed after that week jam packed with FUT content! Get it? Refreshed? *Sigh* Don’t even bother linking the logout, I’ll see myself out.
  • The FUT Roundup - Week 3

    Published on by FutEconomist 12 Comments

    Let’s be honest, last week was a bit of a disappointment. Despite speculation, EA had no significant promotions for us. However, some choose to see the glass as half full, citing that the lack of promotions gave the market a bit of respite, helping to slow the pace at which player prices were falling. Let’s take a look back at the last seven days, which despite the lack of official content, still managed to be eventful. Then we’ll talk about this coming week and wrap up with how to make coins.
  • The FUT Roundup - Week 2

    Published on by FutEconomist 26 Comments

    At the beginning of the year, EA promised they would be bring more unique content to FUT than ever before. They have certainly lived up to that promise, and this past week was another example of them doing so. Let’s start this week’s roundup by taking a look back at the major FUT related events of the past 7 days and then analyze how they affected the market. We’ll then look to the week ahead and wrap up with a discussion on how we can make coins.
  • The FUT Roundup - Week 1

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    In years past, the weeks following the TOTY were a bit stale in terms of FUT content. This past week certainly hasn’t fit that mold, and it appears that the next couple weeks will be full of promotions that will keep traders and investors on their toes. Let’s take a look back at what the past week has brought us and recap how it affected the market. Then we’ll talk about the promotions we can look forward this coming week and how we can makes coins off of them.