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FUT14 Chemistry Guide | Part 3 By LiquidTension on Sept. 15, 2013, 5:40 a.m. | Tags: Chemistry


1) Part 1 - Understanding the Basics

2) Part 2 - Understanding the Role of Managers, Loyalty & Bonuses

3) Part 3 - Understanding Chemistry Styles

4) Part 4 - FAQs & Extra Information


Part 3 - Understanding Chemistry Styles

What are Chemistry Styles?
Chemistry Styles are consumable cards that can be purchased on the market, or obtained from a pack. The purpose of the card is to redistribute the stats that will receive chemistry boosts. Chemistry boosts will increase the value of specific in-game stats - thus increasing the player's ability to perform. Chemistry Styles are not responsible for the specific stat boost your player receives. Their main purpose is to select which stat receives these boosts.

What's the Main Difference Between the FUT13 and FUT14 Chemistry System?
In FUT13, players receive boosts for every stat. In FUT14, players receive boosts for a chosen number of stats dependent on the Chemistry Style selected. This change adds a whole new level of squad customization - tailoring your players' ability to your specific specifications.

How do Chemistry Styles Work?
Players start with the Basic Chemistry Style, which can be kept or changed. Applying a Chemistry Style represents which in-game stats will be boosted. The boost to the stats is dependent on the Individual Chemistry and Team Chemistry (as a weighted average). With higher chemistry the boosts will consequently be higher.

 The boost to the stats is NOT necessarily +3. We do NOT know what the boost is. "+3 SHO +3 HEA" refers to the maximum number of chevrons per stat: () / () / ()

What is a Chevron?
A chevron () has two purposes:

  • Indicates which stats are receiving boosts.
  • Depending on the number of chevrons per stat, indicates the maximum available stat boost. This does NOT represent the actual stat boost the player is receiving.

The maximum available stat boost is dependent on the Chemistry Style you choose. Some Chemistry Styles will boost 3 stats, but only have a maximum of 2 chevrons per stat. Other styles will only boost 2 stats, but will have a maximum of 3 chevrons per stat. The more chevrons PER STAT means a greater available boost: () / () / ()

  • () = This chevron gives a MINOR boost to the stat.
  • () = This chevron gives a MEDIUM boost to the stat.
  • () = This chevron gives a MAXIMUM boost to the stat.

It is therefore up to you to decide what you value more: Quantity or Quality. For example, picking a style that boosts 3 stats, but has a maximum of 2 chevrons will boost quantity more than quality.


Your goal is to fill all available chevrons - which is done by increasing chemistry. The maximum number of chevrons that can be filled is 6.

Example: Two players are on full chemistry, and therefore have all 6 chevrons filled. One player has Marksman (which boosts 3 stats) applied, and the other player has Finisher (which boosts 2 stats) applied. Whilst the player with Marksman has 3 stats boosted, the significance of the boost is going to be less than that of the boost for the player with Finisher.

What is the Direct Relationship Between Chemistry Values and Chevrons?

  • 10 Individual Chemistry .= 6 Filled Chevrons
  • 9 Individual Chemistry ...= 5 Filled Chevrons
  • 8 Individual Chemistry ...= 4 Filled Chevrons
  • 7 Individual Chemistry ...= 3 Filled Chevrons
  • 6 Individual Chemistry ...= 2 Filled Chevrons
  • 5 Individual Chemistry ...= 1 Filled Chevron
  • 4-0 Individual Chemistry = 0 Filled Chevrons

Note: Chevrons are representatives of Individual Chemistry; however, the actual value that determines the in-game stats boost is a weighted average of Individual and Team Chemistry. Therefore, the in-game stat boost is higher by increasing both chemistry values.

An empty chevron is represented by the colour WHITE () and means the stat next to the empty chevron is NOT receiving a boost. A filled chevron is represented by the colour GREEN () and means the stat next to the filled chevron IS receiving a boost.

You can see your player's chevrons by selecting the player > scrolling left once with your analogue stick.

What is the Relationship Between Decreasing Individual Chemistry and Boosted Stats?
As Individual Chemistry is decreased, so is the number of stats boosted/significance of the boost decreased. The chart below lists the relationship between decreasing Individual Chemistry values and the effect on boosted stats.

  • BAC, ANC, MAE = Chemistry Style Abbreviations (consult complete list below).
  • 10, 9, 8, etc = Individual Chemistry.
  • Green = At that particular Individual Chemistry value there is still a filled chevron present.
  • Chevron Icon = The number of filled chevrons present.

How Significant are the Boosts? What are the Values?
Unknown. No information detailing the nature of the boosts is available. In order for your player to receive the maximum in-game stats boost, ensure your player has 10 Individual Chemistry in a 100 Team Chemistry team.

Note: The boost to the stats is NOT necessarily +3. We do NOT know what the boost is. "+3 SHO +3 HEA" refers to the maximum number of chevrons per stat. +3 = (), +2 = (), +1 = ()

Can In-Game Stats be Lowered?
Yes. With chemistry values lower than: 4 Individual Chemistry & 44 Team Chemistry (as a weighted average of 4 chemistry), in-game stats of the particular player will gradually be lowered - therefore hindering the player's ability. Specific details of the decrease in stats are not available.

Which In-Game Stats Receive These Boosts?
The Chemistry Style used represents which base stats are boosted. The specific in-game stats which make up each of the six base stats are NOT available. It is possible to make an educated guess. For example, applying the Finisher Style which boosts the Shooting and Heading stats will more than likely boost in-game stats such as Finishing, Shot Power, Heading Accuracy, etc.

Can You See These Stat Boosts in the In-Game Stats?
No. The boosts are not visible in the in-game stats.

How Long Does a Chemistry Style Last For?
Applying a Chemistry Style will permanently change a Player's Chemistry Style until a new style is applied. The effects do not expire after one game, like Player Training items do.

Can Chemistry Styles be Applied to Inform and Legend Cards?

How Many Chemistry Styles are There?
There are 24 Chemistry Styles; 19 for outfield players and 5 for goalkeepers. Below is the complete list of all Chemistry Styles in FUT14.

Note: +3 SHO +3 HEA does NOT necessarily represent a +3 in-game stat boost. The numbers represent the maximum number of chevrons available for a single stat. Achieving 6 filled chevrons (by having 10 Individual Chemistry) in a 100 Team Chemistry Team ensures your player receives the full effect of the chemistry boost.

Outfield Player Chemistry Styles
(Abbreviation | Full Name | Maximum Number of Chevrons)
BAS - Basic = +1 all base stats
SEN - Sentinel = +3 DEF +3 HEA
GRD - Guardian = +3 DRI +3 DEF
GLA - Gladiator = +3 SHO +3 DEF
BAC - Backbone = +2 PAS +2 DEF +2 HEA
ANC - Anchor = +2 PAC +2 DEF +2 HEA
ART - Artist = +3 PAS +3 DRI
ARC - Architect = +3 PAS +3 HEA
PWR - Powerhouse = +3 PAS +3 DEF
MAE - Maestro = 2+ SHO 2+ PAS 2+ DRI
ENG - Engine =+2 PAC +2 PAS +2 DRI
SNI - Sniper = +3 SHO +3 DRI
FIN - Finisher = +3 SHO +3 HEA
EYE - Deadeye = +3 SHO +3 PAS
MRK - Marksman = +2 SHO +2 DRI +2 HEA
HWK - Hawk = +2 PAC +2 SHO +2 HEA
HUN - Hunter = +3 PAC +3 SHO
CTA - Catalyst = +3 PAC +3 PAS
SHA - Shadow = +3 PAC + 3 DEF

GK Chemistry Styles
BAS - GK Basic = +1 all stats
SLD - Shield = +2 KIC +2 REF +2 SPD
WAL - Wall = +2 DIV +2 HAN +2 KIC
CAT - Cat = +2 REF +2 SPD +2 POS
GLO - Glove = +2 DIV +2 HAN +2 POS

Can a Style be Applied to Any Player?
An Outfield Player Chemistry Style can be applied to any outfield player. Finisher can be applied to a defender, Sentinel can be applied to a midfielder, etc.

GK Chemistry Styles are exclusive to GKs. Outfield Player Chemistry Styles cannot be applied to a GK.

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