I have this guy on a basic chemistry style, in 2 of my teams, a Belgian squad and a BPL- Serie A Hybrid both in the 4-4-2 (2) Formation.
When I so his stats I had the same feeling most of you likely have, and that is this player is sh*t. His stats look very low.

IN GAME: The first match I played with him he got a goal and an assist. This guy is a bronze beast at RM.

PACE: Pace is not that much of an issue in Fifa 14 however yes this guy is a tad slow especially when compared to real life. His pace is an issue

DRIBBLING: his close ball control isn't so bad and with 3 star skills his dribbling has managed to beat players lik Thiago Silva and David Luiz.

SHOT: His shot is terrible, Finesse shots are no good, however when he is in the box every shot with him is a certain goal, but his longshots are useless.

MOVEMENT: This is wear this player earns his coins. His movement is bloody AMAZING, he is always at the right spot at the right time, whether defending or attacking. He has been crucial in his movements to attack cutting in between the CB and LB. With Lukaku cutting back Januzaj just makes his runs so good into the box and even out wide, you play it to him he controls well and just cross it, he is a 4 star weak foot so he can cross with both feet. I have never seen a wing midfield which such good in game movement.

PASSING: Never misplaced a pass, this guys through ball, short ball, cross and every pass is amazing, he has never misplaced one, I have managed to pass the ball between three midfielders to Fellaini in midfield more than once, and he has never laid a pass wrong, he is very safe to pass with.


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  • Rating
  • Position
  • Formation
67 PAC
55 SHO
61 PAS
68 DRI
30 DEF
32 HEA