I'm writing this with a slight hint of anger because of this card but I'll try to be unbiased. I used him in a 3 at the back formation which is a hybrid between galatasaray and serie a and he was just... not very good.

His strength is wayyyyy to low and don't be enticed by that 81 pace. While he does run like 81 pace his low strength will lead him to get bullied by strong strikers. He lost air battles during corners because he is really short for a cb and that was very annoying. Its a shame really because at first I was happy that as a juventus fan juventus have a lot of amazing centre backs and I thought he was going to be op. Well, he is not, and unfortunately this is mainly because crossing is so fucking stupid in this game. seriously ea, fix that shit.

It took about 5 games for me to realise that he was terrible and I bought zapata to replace him (much better player). I know its kind of weird to write a review for a centre back but seriously, if you're reading this please just buy zapata or some other strong cb instead of him. He is really, really disappointing.

Pace 81- yeah about right (but useless)
Shot 58- irrelevant
Passing 68- not that good
dribbling 68- irrelevant
Defending 81- Ah. ok. He is about as effective as an empty worn out toaster. not even a new toaster
Heading 78- Also. very bad. He constantly loses battles from corners and it makes it so annoying as the whole point of centre backs is to dominate in the air.

If you're still reading this by now it probably means you're a moderator or something, hey please don't reject this :)

In conclusion, buy zapata instead

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  • Rating
  • Position
  • Formation
81 PAC
58 SHO
68 PAS
68 DRI
81 DEF
78 HEA