Ladies and Gentlemen of Futhead! Welcome to my Aguero In depth player review, where I will analyze all of his in-game stats and other stuff.
Now luckily I was able to pack Aguero early on, and recently sold him for around 300k on the XBOX market. However this is only because his price went up with the release of his new 89 IF. I honestly believe there is really not much of a difference, where EA hype up essentially the same player. He is currently worth around 275 K on both consoles. I played him on a series of different teams, adding the Marksman chem style (+2 dribbling - shot- heading). I will also post a link to my video review at the end of what your reading.

Here is my Stat by Stat Review :

Physical :

93 Acceleration : He is very fast, feels true in game. Gives him a wonderful burst of speed at any instant. Definitely one of Aguero's strong points. 10/10
86 Agility : Another good physical stat that helps his style of play based on height and dribbling. 9/10
90 Balance : He might keep his balance, but will probably lose the ball if a stronger player pushes him (See strength). More or less a good stat to have, has its uses in different instances such as shooting. Nothing that I outright noticed. 8/10
76 Jumping : Does the job, now he wont win too many headers but I thought that Aguero was decent in the air if the opportunity is given. 8/10
85 Sprint Speed : Seems about right, after the fine burst of speed he does slow down a bit. Still generally fast 9/10
66 Stamina : He plays a full game no problem. Honestly not big of a deal. You may have to use fitness cards more often than the usual player though. 8/10
70 Strength : This is a very decisive stat for me, one that played a vital role in only giving him an 8/10. Probably has something to do with his height as well, but he feels very weak on the ball. If Robin Van Persie has 71 Strength (and I felt that he wasn't too easily pushed off the ball) , than this stat feels in the 50's. There are times where he gets pushed off the ball by weak players, and the smallest touch from a center back will get him right off the ball. It makes his pace a times literally useless. Now that might make me sound like a pace whore, but its not entirely what I meant. There are times where you would expect him to get past slower players, and feel as though he is being held back for no reason. However, there are definitely other stats that will make up for this rather mediocre disappointment .

Mental :

57 Aggression : Nothing too important for a striker like Aguero. NA
87 Positioning : Makes great runs, High/ Low Workrates exactly what you want in a Striker. This stat also kind of makes up for the criticism he gets in the air, I found that although he may not be able to win headers over big defenders, he is generally always in a good position score. 9/10
24 Interceptions: Irrelevant
83 Vision : Combined with good short passing, is a nice stat to have for a Striker. Might even play well as a CF.

Skill :

90 Ball Control : With the sniper chemistry style this gets even higher, and is simply amazing! He can dribble in and out of defenders without any trouble. Has to be one of the best dribblers in the game. If you enjoy players who have great ball control this is your man, and is the basis of Aguero's style of play. 11/10
70 Crossing : Does the job. In a sense irrelevant since he doesn't always get in a position to cross the ball unless putting the ball to the next striker ( If you are playing two stikers obviously). 8/10
82 Curve : Underrated stat, his finesse shot is out of this world. Can finesse easily from way outside the box on either foot. 10/10
90 Dribbling: Great first touch on the ball , a stat that outlines the main strength of Aguero. Also has 4 star skills. Stat Feels right in game. 10/10
90 Finishing: PHENOMENAL! Pace, combined with dribbling allows for smooth finishes on either foot. Like to chip shot? Give it a try with this guy and you won't be disappointed! 11/10
72 Free Kick Accuracy: Better in game, but I wouldn't recommend taking too many free kicks with him. Not always very accurate. 7/10
72 Heading Accuracy: Great positioning to receive the header, and with slightly increased heading does the job. 8/10
63 Long Passing : He is a ST so who cares unless you play him as a CAM or even CF. Wasn't too big a problem. 8/10
79 Long Shots : Nothing too special, but long shots in the game are not what they used to be. He'll test the goalie from outside the box, didn't score too many.
25 Marking : Irrelevant NA
86 Penalties : Haven't Missed 10/10
82 Short Passing : Perfect for a Striker of his quality. 10/10
86 Shot Power : Felt about right, won't give you any problems. 10/10
25 Sliding Tackle : NA
20 Standing : NA
86 Volleys : Didn't get too man volleys but I'm sure they are amazing. 10/10


Pros :
- Among best dribblers in game
- 4 star skills and Weak foot
- Very fast
- Good passing for a ST
- Perfect Work Rates (high/low)
- Great Positioning when attacking
- Shot is amazing in all aspects !

Cons :
- So damn expensive
- Not strong enough on the ball, quite weak
- Could have better heading.

In the end, for the price tag that Aguero has I would not buy him for 275k. I decided to give him an 8/10 because of the high price tag, and his very noticeable weakness. However, if you enjoy players that have amazing dribbling, and shot, give him a try!
Here is a link to the video review : There will be many more reviews to come, and always accompanied by written reviews!

THANKS! I hope it helped!

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88 PAC
84 SHO
73 PAS
90 DRI
44 DEF
72 HEA