Taarabt is an amazing player, and with SNIPER chemistry style i think he just got even better. He is great to through pass to because of his high acceleration and reasonable shots. I use his 5 star skills to get past defence with ease and score an easy goal. He is definetly worth the coins.

Shooting. His shooting is already reasonably good, but with the SNIPER chem style it's even better. His long shots are also very crucial and are also very good for the stats that he has. His finesses are not so good, but that is made up for by his amazing ability to finish anywhere in the box.
Long shots 8/10, Finesse 4/10, Finishing 10/10

Dribbling. Because he is already 5 star skills, he doesn't really need any more dribbling. But he weaves past defenders and side steps quite naturally. He (surprisingly) shrugs off any defenders holding him to get a great goal. He is very easy to dribble with and with, 5 star skill moves, it's easy to see why he is so easy to use. Dribbling 9/10

Passing. His passing is quite decent, but sometimes can lack direction or power. He can make a great pass at times, and other times he won't place it anywhere near the player. This is probably why he has the "selfish" trait. His passes are very inconsistent, and are not really a key point in his worth.
Passing 6/10

In all, he is a great player, who can complete most tasks asked of him. Despite his inconsistent passing, he easily makes up for them with his fantastic dribbling and powerful and accurate finishing. He is a player I will keep for a long time and I an very glad to have come across such a great and creative player.

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79 PAC
73 SHO
76 PAS
84 DRI
45 DEF
49 HEA