This guy is amazing in game, the definition of a bargain on FIFA and by far the best striker I've used. He also looks f****** crazy in game, seriously. He looks like Neymar with Nigel De Jong's crazy ass facial hair. I use him in a 2 striker formation, therefore he gets plenty of goals and assists, but I feel as if he could score more if he was up top in a single striker formation, since he is a great all-round striker.
86 Pace - Pace doesn't actually matter that much in game, but it always helps. This guy accelerates easily away from his opponents and can beat most full-backs for pace. Feels like 86.
77 Dribbling - Great. This guy has 4* skills which is helpful. I find it easily to weave in and out and change directions quickly due to his 75 Ball Control, 78 Dribbling and 81 Agility. In the area the defenders don't know how to stop him. Feels like 82
69 Shot - Don't let this fool you, he has very low free kicks which irrelevant for a striker (for me, anyway) but he does have low Volleys, 60. Inside the area he is unstoppable, his finishing feels like 85, you can easily finesse it around the keeper and there's nothing they can do. He has scored many outside foot shots from awkward angles despite his 56 Cure stat. He just lacks the shot from range, he has decent shot power (74) but not so good Long Shots (68). Inside the area this guy in clinical, but struggles from a distance unless you curve it around the charging keeper. Feels like 75
68 Pass - Decent, he has had plenty of assists but he is no Mesut Ozil. Feels like 68.
49 Defending - Irrelevant but he has tackled the defender and put himself through on goal many times.
72 Heading - Decent, most of my crosses come from my other striker and most often go far post, where Lacazette nods it in easily. Feels like 75.
Overall, this guy is a bargain and there should be no reason to hesitate getting him. In game he's amazing and looks f****** crazy with that facial hair, seriously, looks like a Mexican inmate. This guy is a great value for money, and I would pay allot more than what he's currently worth for a player of his performances. Just get him, he is clinical as I have found him chipping the keeper, finessing it around the keeper or placing it perfectly into corner of the goal.

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86 PAC
69 SHO
68 PAS
77 DRI
49 DEF
72 HEA