Nice to see Nani on the RM this year as last year he didn't really get much of a look in because he was on the LM. At 83 rated he is easily my favourite RM player in the BPL and at a stretch in the game (only Błaszczykowski really beats him in that position) His 5* star skills make him a formidable force going forward and his links to the Manchester United squad make him useful to have especially with RVP on the Right Strike Rooney at CAM and Fellaini at CDM. He also works well with chemistry cards such as Deadeye, Maestro and Catalyst ( the final of those being a personal favourite)Mad

Lets take a look at his stats :)

84 Pace - Not as high as Valencia, Walcott or Navas but it really doesn't matter especially if you pop a decent Chemistry style card on him but even so i don't really feel he needs it, I know it says 84 but he feels much faster and can easily leave defenders in the dust.

88 Dribbling - Mad, Absolutely mad. I mean in a good way and a REALLY good way I might add, his first touch is second to none and his 5* skills give defenders nightmares really worth considering if you like pulling skills off cause this guy can certainly do them.

80 Shot - Brilliant, honestly he can bury them from 25 - 30 yards and isn't half bad at free kicks either, he does miss some sitters on most occasions but if you use him like i do with the Catalyst card equipped which gives a +3 chevron boost to pace and passing and play a more support / passing type role that just taps them in from time to time then his shooting is great.

43 Defending - Not massively relevant to a RW or RM player, well not for me anyway, i appreciate that some players do like to track their RM's back to help out the RBs but he isn't really that kind of player so if you play like that then don't get him but if you want him to just stick a foot in now and again just to disrupt the play then there is nothing really wrong with a 43 rating in Defence.

79 Passing - Bullshit, his passing is way more accurate than 79 but hey ho it's EA so meh. The only place he does sort of get let down on in passing is his long through balls to try and set up the strikers however with the Catalyst card equipped he does seem considerably better at them. Crossing is absolutely fine although a few balls do go astray however i'm sure most wingers make mistakes from time to time

52 Heading - I'll be honest i've scored more goals with his head than his feet xD he runs into the box and just gets his bonce on it he isn't scared of feet or spikey boots just gets stuck in, however when it comes to corners he is better at taking them rather than heading them in to the back of the net.

So overall I really like him in his new RM position and it does seem to suit him better, very complete player if you like a good supporting winger that can knock them in with his head or feet from time to time and whip in killer crosses. Don't see why you would pay 40K + for Navas when you could pay 15-20K on Nani and get the same if not better results.

Equip a Maestro, or Catalyst card for best results while using him as a RM but for him in a winger position i would choose the Engine card, either way you will not be disappointed.

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84 PAC
80 SHO
79 PAS
88 DRI
43 DEF
52 HEA