• Goodbye Falcao Rating: 9/10 - Position ST - Formation 4231 - By NPopat - 3 Likes

    For Dorlan Pabón, the Colombian-born striker who plays for Valencia in La Liga, I used the basic chemistry style. I can only imagine him with a Sniper card! I'm simply going to list Pros and Cons, as I feel a concise and blunt review is best in this case. Pros: Good pace for a forward. Doesn't feel rapid, but with good balance, and decent dribbling, he can definitely get through on a fast break. He also turns EXTREMELY well. Ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous ability to stay on the ball. Seems like a bulldog [(Ha, Tévez with his bulldog-like approach) wait is it bad that I start to th...

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    A MUST USE PLAYER Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 41212 - By dominicpowell - 2 Likes

    When building this team, I didn't have many coins so I was looking for some cheaper options to put in strike. Then I saw Pabon, I looked at some reviews and people were so hyped about him. So i tried him out. The first few games he didn't do much, but then I started to give him the ball more and started shooting from outside the box. Goal after goal after goal. He has scored 42 goals in 45 games with 7 assists for me. I scored a 40 yard goal with him, against Cech. I was buzzing. His card doesn't look amazing apart from his 85 pace. His IG stats aren't amazing, but 89 acceleration, 83 ...

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    OMFG - Dorlan "Destroyer" Pabon Rating: 9/10 - Position ST - Formation 41212 - By Cheekyskiller - 1 Likes

    Damn, i searched so long for a solution how i can stop motherfucking David Luiz stopping every Striker I used before. So I decided to try the Liga BBVA is strikers even if there aren't so many. Then I have seen this card Dorlan Pabon!! Here is the fucking Solution!! He is such a complete Striker, there is NO defender which can stop him 85 Pace - Feels more like around 90, he runs away from every defender! 74 Shooting - His shooting is so amazing, 15 goals in 9 games, 78 Dribbling - That's his only little Problem, but he has 4* Skills so you can do hardly every skill you wan...

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    Holy sweet mother of Pabon! Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 433-2 - By hutlihut - 0 Likes

    Before i start my review, i must say... OMG this guy is a beast! okay, so now that is out of the way.. i played him in a lonely striker formation 4-3-3(2) and well, he scored 19 goals in 20 games, that says it all. other than that, he even got 7 assits! okay so he off course has his shit game here and there, but with he H/L workrates and 4 star skills, you cannot go wrong? and the best thing... he is only 350 coins :D 85 pace: feels about rigth, you wont catch him once he is away from you. 74 shooting: i have to say that i used finisher on him, but 74 is a joke, he is so clinical. he scor...

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