Chilean Champ: Review of Arturo Vidal FUT 14 Rating: 9/10 - Position CAM - Formation 433-4 - By Drakelico - 27 Likes

Vidal Review I just want to start this review off by saying this guy truly deserves a higher rating. I am not a regular viewer Serie A, but when I have tuned into a Juve match in Champions League, he is tremendous for them. A true box to box midfielder that can really do it all. Where do I start with this guy? I picked him up 25k and plugged and played on my starter Serie A squad. Holy crap, sorry Nainggolan, because Vidal has it all over you. Pace: This guy’s pace is absolutely astounding. For a central midfield player, 79 pace would be very good. His acceleration is a bit low, and i...

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Expensive but worth the coins! Rating: 9/10 - Position CM - Formation 433 - By StanleyPlaysFifa13 - 12 Likes

My short Vidal review: Vidal is one of the most expensive midfielders in the Serie A valued at about 20k. I got him in my team and used him with Pogba and Marchisio in the midfield. I will review him by his stats and skill moves etc. I put a Powerhouse chemistry style card on him. Pace 79: 10/10 Vidal felt a lot quicker than 79 pace. I don't know why but maybe it was his strength to help bully off defenders or something. He felt like a strong Ramires. Shot: 77 (9/10) This stat is low because of his low free kick accuracy. If he had better free kicks his shot would be about 83 rated....

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Incredible player! Rating: 10/10 - Position CDM - Formation 4231-2 - By creamyrage - 2 Likes

If you're too lazy to read the rest of this review, I'll summarise it for you: He's everywhere on the pitch and can play any position perfectly. For those who want a more in depth review, I'll go stat-by-stat so I can explain just how incredible this Chilean powerhouse is. Since I thought his playmaking ability and defensive stats were good enough, I used the Hawk chemistry style to increase his all-around style of play. Physical 79 Acceleration: With the chemistry style I applied Vidal is quite fast off the mark, enough to beat most defenders off a dribble. 9/10 79 Agility: For a 5'...

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not as expected Rating: 6/10 - Position CDM - Formation 4231 - By RoSsOnErI1994 - 2 Likes

A R T U R O - - - V I D A L after reading the reviews on this card i decided to buy it since my team was struggling in the fight for the division i used him as the CDM with daniele De Rossi so PACE : his pace is really good i think its 9 or 8 of 10 SHOT : his shooting wasn't good 5/10 PASSING : (( passing ...... passing )) now thats what let him down when you his stats with 82 passing (( 86 short pass !! ,, and 80 Long pass with 82 vision )) OK ! !!! The stats are lying he doesn't feel like 82 its really horrible it may be around lower 70s or 60s most of his passes are wrong ...

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VidaL - The Match Winner Rating: 8/10 - Position CM - Formation 433-4 - By conformalflame - 1 Likes

Hey Guy's this is my review on Arturo Vidal . This man has scored 10 goals in 40 games along with 21 assists as well. 79 Pace - His pace is good. i do not sprint with him too much. but he is quick enough to get past players. 8/10 77 shot - This stat is a lie lol , He has a very good shot on him and his finishing is brilliant as well, feels like 85 TBH, 9/10 (Long shot taker) 82 pass - Guys i love to pass the ball around just like in real life . i build up play slowly, More like how chelsea play. it just looks beautiful. He has very good passing his shorting passing is...

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