• The Ultimate Striker Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 4231-2 - By YouthGamerGTA4 - 9 Likes

    Hello guys! For this Review I'm just gonna go by the face card stats as homework is really demanding these days... So firstly, I used the hawk chemistry style on him as that chemistry style suits him very well. He is my lone striker, and he does a PERFECT job as it. Here we go! 72 pace: Because of how pace is not that important anymore, this man is absolutely perfect when it comes to pace. His pace is just right, and because of his staggering 87 strength it takes a lot of effort for defenders to push him off the ball. His pace is absolutely perfect. Feels more like 75 pace. *9/10*...

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    UFO Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 433-4 - By DenzelWashington - 3 Likes

    Manager: What you going to do? Negredo: What i do best. I'm going to score goals, i'm going to score goals against anyone involved, anyone who profited from it, anyone who opens there eyes at me! Like a man possessed this man is a true UFO. Defenders will have area 51 like flashbacks..... let's say no more! First of all let me review my own rating. He gets 10/10 not on a holistic view of his stats but his value for money and unbelievable knack of scoring goals against the top defenders, I play him as the focal point of my attack.in a generic 4-3-3 with the Finisher chemistry style. ...

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    Ultimate beast (record included) Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 3421 - By swashbuckle - 2 Likes

    This guy is a real beast! I've got the finisher chem style on him an it just suits him so well as the lone striker in the box! Pace 72 (7/10) - Feels right for someone of his size and strength. Fast enough if you play him in a formation that suits his solo striker role and you will reap rewards! His height, strength, finishing and heading makes him the ultimate target/hitman in the box. However, he may not be as effective in a formation that usually relies on through-balls for strikers to run onto. Dribble 78 (7/10) - I don't use him to dribble much but his skills are decent enough to cr...

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    Beast. Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 41212-2 - By louiscourts - 2 Likes

    This guy is an absolute beast. I have played 20 games with him so far and he has bagged 30 goals. I used a finisher card on him in a Spanish hybrid and it worked very well because his pace is upgraded as well as his already quality finishing. Pace : feels like 75. Fast enough to get past defenders 8.5/10 Shooting : with a finisher card very impressive. Shot power is incredible which means he can shoot across goal no problems. His finesse shot is incredible and his right foot is good enough as well. He has good accuracy with long shots. 10/10 Passing : doesn't need to pass much in his...

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    NEGREDO- BEST SPAINIARD STRIKER ON THE GAME! Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 433-2 - By rosssaldias23 - 1 Likes

    Hi everyone this is my review on the tank NEGREDO! enjoy and leave some feedback as this is my first review :) I used Negredo in a 4-3-3(2) the link to the squad is ^, Pedro and David Villa worked well in crossing in to Negredo for usually an easy goal from a header he is amazing and only worth around 2K! It's such a steal for such a quality player! 18 Games- 31 Goals-8 Assists Chemistry Style:Hawk Shooting 82- (Feels like 88) Finishes almost everything in the penalty area and has ridiculous shot power to give any keeper no chance!, His curve is average but in game he has an exceptionable...

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