The Ultimate Striker Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 4231-2 - By YouthGamerGTA4 - 9 Likes

Hello guys! For this Review I'm just gonna go by the face card stats as homework is really demanding these days... So firstly, I used the hawk chemistry style on him as that chemistry style suits him very well. He is my lone striker, and he does a PERFECT job as it. Here we go! 72 pace:...

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UFO Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 433-4 - By DenzelWashington - 3 Likes

Manager: What you going to do? Negredo: What i do best. I'm going to score goals, i'm going to score goals against anyone involved, anyone who profited from it, anyone who opens there eyes at me! Like a man possessed this man is a true UFO. Defenders will have area 51 like flashbacks..... let's ...

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Ultimate beast (record included) Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 3421 - By swashbuckle - 2 Likes

This guy is a real beast! I've got the finisher chem style on him an it just suits him so well as the lone striker in the box! Pace 72 (7/10) - Feels right for someone of his size and strength. Fast enough if you play him in a formation that suits his solo striker role and you will reap rewards! ...

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Beast. Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 41212-2 - By louiscourts - 2 Likes

This guy is an absolute beast. I have played 20 games with him so far and he has bagged 30 goals. I used a finisher card on him in a Spanish hybrid and it worked very well because his pace is upgraded as well as his already quality finishing. Pace : feels like 75. Fast enough to get past defende...

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NEGREDO- BEST SPAINIARD STRIKER ON THE GAME! Rating: 10/10 - Position ST - Formation 433-2 - By rosssaldias23 - 1 Likes

Hi everyone this is my review on the tank NEGREDO! enjoy and leave some feedback as this is my first review :) I used Negredo in a 4-3-3(2) the link to the squad is ^, Pedro and David Villa worked well in crossing in to Negredo for usually an easy goal from a header he is amazing and only worth arou...

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