• Januzaj I Man Of The Hour? Not On FUT Rating: 6/10 - Position LW - Formation 433-4 - By thethingsoflife - 21 Likes

    Januzaj. The man who can play for about 9 different nations. The man who is being compared to players like Zidane, Pires, etc. The man who united fans are comparing to Maradona and Pele. The man who looks really good in my opinion (arsenal fan), but this is all in real life, on FIFA; sadly, this is a much, much different story This player, Adnan Januzaj is a player I picked up for 100,000 on BIN in the 59th minute at 6:03 from some idiot who listed him at the wrong time for the wrong price. So, how do I rate this player, I could just let you all leave now with the one word I can sum thi...

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    Januzaj - The (almost) perfect bronze Rating: 9/10 - Position LM - Formation 4231-2 - By TheScaffman - 2 Likes

    This is my review on in form Januzaj. I don't normally do reviews but I saw that there was only one (bad) review, so thought id give my opinion. Pacewhores, leave now. I used the Hawk chemistry style on him, simply because thats what I bought him with. Lets go over his stats; Pace - 68 (70 with Chem Style) - probably the only let down of this card, I dont think pace is of huge importance but hed definetley be much better with maybe 80 pace Shooting - 62 - I think 62 is good for a bronze and he is certainly able to score goals. The highlight being a beautifully placed shot from ...

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