I'm Chizzazle and this is my stage 2 examination for comparative texts at UNSW.

Cristiano Ronaldo a Portuguese starlet remarked as a young footballer at Manchester United "I am living a dream that I never want to wake up from". With this is mind I set out to buy this 28 Year-Old Portuguese superstar. I found him on the market for around 1.4 Million coins around a month and a half ago, my usage of Ronaldo will be summed up in these following points, but as an early conclusion I can tell you that playing with this fellow on FIFA13 was a dream that I solely wanted to wake up from.

PACE: The speed in which a single step taken when walking or running.

Ronaldo's pace appears as a gargantuant 92 on his FUT card, and i can tell you know he felt like Asafa Powell in his prime and Usain Bolt in the present running after a portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I utilized his pace extremely as he zipped past defenders with ease such as;
- Manchester City's title winning Center-Half Vincent Gean Mpoy Kompany, a strong and pacey figure.
- The afro beast from sunny Brazil David Luiz, also a very strong and pacey presence.

SHOOTING: Defined as the ability which a football player uses his skills to launch a ball towards goal, made famous by the legendary and iconic Brazilian Full-Back Robert Carlos Da Silva Rocha who questioned the antiques of physics when he curled a ball from roughly 35 yards around the powerful french wall in 1997 the year my brother Gianfranco was born later nicknamed Roberto Junior.
With this in Mind I had great expectations of Ronaldo as he sported a 90 Shooting stat on his FUT card.
A few days after I purchased Ronaldo I had dreams about him slipping and sliding through defences and scooping his way into a shooting opportunity. As I turned my xbox on the next day I was determined to make this dream of mine into a reality. I came up against a Brazilian squad, fierce and strong it was. The ball came from Xavi. I scooped and McGeady'd my way through his rampant defence. Beat one, beat two. I launched 45 yard shot. The result was casillas's buttocks on Bernebeu's 6 yard box. I was ecstatic. Ronaldo's shot is nothing short of immense.

DRIBBLING: Dribbling (football) is the act of ball control and speed in which a footballer takes the ball in direction. Made famous by such amazing and captivating players such as the iconic and the inventor of flair, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, widely known as Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho was part of the Joga Bonito period of Brazilian football. He is in my opinion a man that changed football with his flamboyant and such controlled and artistic skills.
Ronaldo, a slick confident and creative individual, isn't afraid to show off his speed and ball control to assist his flamboyant skill inventory. Sporting a 5 star skill stat, this man cannot be faulted in the dribbling area. His movements are sharp, slick and smooth. I relate his movements and ball control to the slyness and control of an African leopard. The capabilities of Ronaldo are endless. From
hocus pocuses, fake rabonas, flip flaps to heel chops, you wouldn't be sure if you were in the streets of Brazil playing with this guy or just sitting on your sweaty leather lubricated seat at home.

HEADING: A sexual act between two individuals or a footballing area of expertise using the head to either pass, shoot or clear. This skill was made famous by such players as the Atletico Madrid spicy skilled Colombian, Radamael Falcao, Sweden's big man with flair, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and by no other player but this Portuguese man here, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

This man is big, lanky, strong, tall and can jump like Kobe Bryant in his prime. Ronaldo is able to power himself above big powering figures such as the sluggish but huge Per Mertesacker, the jumping Jupiter, Vermaelen and the towering beast of Felipe Santana. If you are of the crossing variety Ronaldo can be utilised in big crosses directed to the left of the wing. With his jumping stat and strength, getting over small right backs is as easy as putting your KitKat wrapper in your desk-side bin. Headering is an art made easy by this big man.

I have not included other Ronaldo stats as I believe I am confident enough, your skill level and knowledge of football and FIFA console games will be enough for the beauty of Ronaldo.
It was hard for me to share my thoughts here today as my top tier player and favourited man is the Argentinian amazement, Lio Messi.

Hopefully, this detailed, structural and creative review can tingle your buds, wriggle your toes and tighten your muscles.
If you have some coinage in FUT and you are anxious to act on it. Fear no more because this starlet from sunny Portugal is a man that disappoints no one. He is the whole package. Pair this lad up with Lio Messi and you ahve yourself a digital orgasmic pleasure.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, if this gets enough good feedback, I can assure you, there will be plenty more of these detailed pleasurable reviews.

Have a good one and for whatever team you support, I hope they triumph.
Much love,

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92 PAC
90 SHO
80 PAS
92 DRI
48 DEF
87 HEA